Setting Soulful Intentions for a new season

In alignment with the energy of the previous post, we’re going to start by first setting sacred space for this intention setting exercise.

Set aside some quiet time (40 – 60 minutes) and space for this activity of reconnecting with yourself and your desires for the season ahead.

The intention with this exercise is to establish how you would like to FEEL, BE and EXPERIENCE your new season. And, this is the Energetic Work that I spoke about in the previous post.

You see, beneath every goal that we make, there lies a particular emotion that we would like to experience as a result of the realized goal.

    • We might want to earn more money because deep down we believe we will feel more worthy, loved and supported once we have attained that goal.
    • We might want to lose weight because we believe we will feel more beautiful and sexy, and be healthy or live a healthier lifestyle.
    • And, we might want to get the boyfriend or girlfriend because we believe they will make us feel loved; seen and heard in our truth; be supported in our life pursuits; and, experience amazing, fluid, orgasmic sex.


Each of the reasons above forms the WHY behind an aspiration or goal that one might set for themselves. And, this is what we want to work with. We want to work with the reason that sits behind a particular desire or goal you have. This is how we answer the question of how you want to feel, be or experience life.

The idea is to go straight to the state of BEING that we desire, by directly creating the emotions we desire to feel, which then exponentially expands our creation possibilities. This is the intention of today’s exercise, to go directly to the state of BEING (feeling) that we want to experience beneath all the goals we set, and creating our lives from that state of fullness.

At this stage of these 4-day process, you don’t need to know the specific goals that you aspire for (although you might already know them!), because deep down, you already know how you would like to feel in your life.

Examples of feel words:

Calm. Anchored. Supported. Loved. Seen and Heard. Fulfilled. Nourished. Orgasmic. Connected. Rooted. Abundant. Held. Aligned. etc.

The idea is to go beyond the usual resolutions we might make around wanting to lose weight, getting a boyfriend or starting a business etc. These are amazing intentions, and we will work with these before the end of these 4 days. But for now, I would like for us to work with broader energetic intentions, which is the WHY that usually sits behind the resolutions we make.

I ask that you dive into this exercise and dig deeper into the desires you have for your life; unearth the reasons behind the desires (what you wish to experience as a result of having these desires) and write down what you wish to feel, be and/or experience as your intentions for the season ahead.

Setting Sacred Space

Find a quiet place where you will relax in the moment; this could be at an altar you have created in your home or any other spot comfortable for connecting with your inner self. If you have a meditation cushion or mat, go ahead and use it. If you would like to light a candle, light some incense and add a vessel of water to the ritual, please go ahead and do so. Choose whatever sitting position is comfortable for you. I usually sit cross-legged on the floor on my meditation mat with my open palms resting on my laps.

Read the 3 prompts below;

Take 3 very deep breaths, exhaling through an open month;

Close your eyes and begin.

Journeying into your desires

    1. Reflect or return to your response and thoughts from yesterday’s activity about what you are proud of from the past season, the mistakes you made and their lessons, and what you are willing to let go of.
    2. Then, like a bird flying over a landscape, fly over your coming new season, scanning all its activities and moments.
    3. Then internally ask yourself: How can I make this my most fulfilling season yet? (Feel free to insert other life-affirming adjectives at “fulfilling”)
      • Ask: How would I like to FEEL?
      • Ask: How would I like to BE?
      • Ask: How would I like to EXPERIENCE the year ahead?

Then sit still and quietly, and listen to the voice of your intuition from within.

Finally; go into the parts of how you would like to BE and EXPERIENCE life. Ask yourself again how these states and experiences would make you feel.

For example:

      • You might want to BE very intentional and involved in your life’s process and life’s work because you want to FEEL grounded in yourself and your life.
      • You might want to EXPERIENCE active listening of your Spirit Guides because you know this will make you FEEL held, supported and not alone in your life.

So, the FEELING is what we want to get done to.

As an example, some of the nudges I have previously got from my intuition (around how I would like to feel, be and experience life) were;

      • I would like to LISTEN, to God-energy, my Ancestors, my Spirit Guides, and my Intuition.
      • I would like to be connected to Source-energy and those around me, through daily meditation, readings, journaling, healing and writing.
      • I would like to be very intentional and involved in my life’s process and life’s work.
      • I would like ALIGNMENT. I would like to listen to my body; speak and embody my truth; courageously speak and live my truth.
      • I would like to LISTEN, to God-energy, my Ancestors, my Spirit Guides, and my Intuition.

These 5 intentions, exactly as I have shared them here, were my intentions for the year 2019. And, I had manifested all of them by April 2019. And, alignment and listening to Spirit ended up being the themes for my year.

 Sacred Writing

Once satisfied with your inner journeying, please open your eyes and write down your thoughts and responses to the 3 prompts on your journal or note pad. Save these responses for the conclusion part of this series tomorrow.

And, should you wish to chat about what comes up for you, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

Looking forward to journeying with you again tomorrow!

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