Mapping an Action Plan for the next 3 months

Today, we’re going to be working on the specific goals and things you want to DO in and with your life.

And, before getting to this; you might have noticed that over the past two days we focused only on the ENERGETIC part of your life and aspirations? This was deliberate.

We want to first focus on the ENERGY of things because this is the essence and origin of who we are. And so, when we want to recreate ourselves and our lives, this is where we make our first stop.

You see, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, we were taught this at school. What we were also taught is that all energy vibrates and therefore has a vibrational frequency. Atoms and molecules have vibrational frequency. You are made of atoms and molecules, and therefore also have a vibrational frequency. The money you desire and the man you want to build a life with also have vibrational frequency.

And, what we possibly might not have been taught is that “like attracts like”. You attract into your life the things that match your vibrational frequency.

Everything. The money. The job. The business. The relationship. The body. And so much more.

And so, when we want to consciously create our lives, we go to the source of all things – ENERGY.

And, the quickest way I know of matching the vibrational energy of the things you desire is by feeling RIGHT NOW the way you believe you would feel when those things are already in your life.

So, if you believe having more money will get you feeling worthy and loved, your assignment is to get yourself feeling worthy and loved, in this moment of now.

If you believe having a boyfriend/girlfriend will get you feeling beautiful and sexy, the assignment is to get yourself feeling beautiful and sexy RIGHT NOW. We worked on this in the previous exercise.

And so, we begin.

In alignment with the energy of the past 3 days, we’re going to start by first setting sacred space for the journey within.

Set aside some quiet time (30 – 45 minutes) and space for this sacred activity of reconnecting with yourself and your desires for the season ahead.

For today’s exercise; now that you have established how you would like to feel, be and experience your life in the coming new season, we will be turning our focus to the things you are wanting to DO with your life.

This will be things that you want to DO (projects, ideas, travels etc.) and where you want to invest time and energy.

Setting Sacred Space

Find a quiet place where you will relax in the moment; this could be at an altar you have created in your house or any other place comfortable for reconnecting with your inner self. If you have a meditation cushion or mat, go ahead and use it. If you would like to light a candle, go ahead and do so. Choose whatever sitting position is comfortable for you. I usually sit cross-legged on my meditation mat.

Read the 5 prompts below;

Take 3 very deep breaths, exhaling through an open month;

Close your eyes and begin.

Journeying with your desires

    1. Briefly reflect or return to your responses and thoughts from activities of the past three days.
    2. Then, settle within yourself, and take an inventory of the things you would like to do in your new season (please be specific about how long a period you are going to work with).

You may extract the things you want to do by asking the following:

      • What have I been saying I want to do with my life?
      • What am I constantly being reminded that I want to do?
      • What have I been looking forward to doing in this new season?

Quietly listen to the voice of your intuition from within.

    1. And then pour out everything you want to do on paper. Without any judgement, write down everything that comes to you.
    1. Once you have noted down all that you want to do, we’re now going to ensure alignment between what you say you want to do and how you say you want to feel, be and experience life.

Now, go through each one of the things you want to do and ask the following:

      • Is this in alignment with how I want to feel, be and experience my life?
      • If not, how can I align this goal, project or idea with how I want to feel/be?

Please note that the process of checking for alignment could be a continuous one as you work through your goals. It doesn’t have to be a single event.

    1. Once you have ensured that there is alignment between your goals and intentions, we now proceed to putting dates next to your goals. Decide by when you would like to have acted on and achieved each one of your goals.

PS: I use a FREE project management tool called Asana to manage and keep myself accountable in all my personal and business projects. I invite you to try it out and see whether it might work for you too. Drop me an email should you have any questions about this.

Now, go have an amazing season creating your best life yet!