Awakening the Wisdom of your Womb

If your womb could speak [which she can], what stories would she tell? What message would she share with you? And, what guidance and wisdom would she have to offer you?

The journey of communing with my own womb started on one Cape Town summer afternoon, in 2014. I had attended a workshop themed “Conversation with my Womb”, and apart from my own curiosity around spirituality, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect.

And, that afternoon, she spoke to me and revealed a wisdom I’d have otherwise not known. My life would also be changed forever by this experience. And, in this post, I offer some of what I have grown to know and embody [since that afternoon] about women and their relationship with their bodies, and quite specifically, their wombs.

1. Your body is alive.

She lives. And, this is part of the vast sacred wisdom about our bodies that we’re not taught in school or in our culture, and that is slowly finding its way back to us.

Apart from the biological processes that are constantly running in your body and that are keeping you alive; your body is a living being – a woman with emotions, memories, and a voice and wisdom that you can tap into for your holistic wellbeing and a deepened spirituality.

Touch your forearm right now. Feel the muscles, and the bone in the inner part of your arm. Therein, life flows; right through this part of your body that you’re holding right now. Just this part of your body alone holds memories of lives lived and could tell stories about what’s happened to you and your ancestors.

2. Your body speaks.

And, when allowed an opportunity to speak [which is something you can manifest through a intentional practice of communing with your body]; she will reveal to you a wisdom that can only heal and elevate your life.

Let’s start with this: your body is actually always communicating with you. All throughout your cycle, your body is talking to you and nudging you, trying to show you what feels good for her and what she needs. It’s just that we’ve been taught to dismiss or deny this guidance. And, I’d like for you to start here in building a relationship with your body and repairing the links of communication with your body. Please start listening to your body; like, when she asks for something, take heed of her wisdom and request. Throughout your cycle, in a process called Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA); learn to listen out for the needs of your body. Around your menstrual period, she might ask for more rest and for slowed movement, this is communication, and you want to listen to it – it is in your best interest that you listen to this guidance. And, once you have listened just a little, her trust in you will grow, and she will begin to reveal more things to you. Keep your ear and heart open.

Read more on Menstrual Cycle Awareness and how to practice it here:

Just as she can alert you when you’re feeling hungry or needing to rest or to move at a slower pace, she can also alert/show you when something is amiss in your life and where this might be happening and what the remedy might be for such an experience.

To begin to tap into this wisdom, I will share a simplified guided practice below where; you will sit in quiet practice, touch a part of your body and commune with it. Here, we will want to tap into your own innate intuitive abilities that can decipher impulses that can neither be perceived by your ears nor eyes. We want to tap into your inner knowing.

3. Your body knows.

And, much more deeply; your is a store of memories. She holds the imprint of your emotions and of the experiences you might have had in the past. She also holds the memories of the experiences of your ancestors, and therefore knows much more than you do through your conscious mind, and can therefore serve as an ally in healing some of the traumas that run in your family and lineage. And, when spoken to and listened to, it is from the vastness of these experiences and memories that she would communicate and also provide counsel/ direction.

Through various healing modalities, and with the guidance of a trained Practitioner, you can tap into some of these experiences and the memories that live in your body, and heal your own life and the experiences that run in your lineage.

And, quite more specifically, your womb is alive, she knows and she speaks.

This is what I got to experience for myself that afternoon as I sat in guided practice being led by our Facilitator, and as I journeyed into my womb.

Your womb is a woman with a life, a voice and emotions just as you’ve got. And, she has many stories to tell and wisdom to deliver. She is a deep reservoir, holding the memories of your own experiences and those of your mother and grandmothers, including your own which you might have even forgotten and those of your ancestors which you might not even know of. She knows, and she is a wise woman whose friendship you want to keep and nurture, for she knows the deep inner happenings of your life and lineage.

I know this might sound like some mystical thread of a fictional story. But, this is a real wisdom that our Ancestors knew, and whose medicine they knew how to extract for our wellbeing. It is also something I want us to try out, so you may begin to see it come alive in your life and begin to take root as you get to access and experience your own womb medicine.

The womb is also your connection to some of your deepest aches and longings. She remembers even some of what you might have suppressed in the depths of our psyche and would rather keep forgotten. Your relationship with your womb is therefore a very crucial relationship to cultivate in your healing and spiritual growth.

What was revealed to me that afternoon was wisdom around a deep desire for closeness and intimacy with my mother. Although I was physically away from my mother at the time, what she (Sacred Womb) pointed to was a much deeper yearning and one that surpassed physical distance. It was as though I was missing my mother from the point of having been separated from her at birth. And, with my own physical mind, this was not a longing I could have ever been able to put a finger on. And, what unfolded from this discovery was a journey of healing my Mother Wound, and building a better relationship with my mother.

And, in closing, I’d like to offer you this simplified practice of communing with your womb. This should require 15 minutes of uninterrupted space and time.

Communion with your womb:

1. Please prepare your sacred practice space. Ensure that it is quiet and uninterrupted for the duration of the practice (at least 15mins). You could lay down a soft mat or soft blanket and add cushions. Light a candle if your heart might enjoy this.

And, you could either sit on the mat (on the floor) cross-legged or lying flat on your back.

2. Place your right hand on your heart, and your left hand on your womb space, ad take 10 slow and deep breaths (in through your nose, and out through your mouth).

3. Having completed the 10 deep breaths, gently place both your hands on your womb space / around the energy space of your womb.

4. Begin speaking to your womb; say hello. And then listen in for what might come up. Continue breathing gently and let go of all control of what “should” come up or of what’s “expected” to happen. Just surrender to this experience and see what happens.

5. Having completed the 10 – 12mins of sitting in communion with your womb, close the sacred practice with another 10 deep breaths. Then note in your journal anything that came up for you.

6. And, should you need any support once you’ve completed this practice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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