Creating with & Working with your Womb Wisdom

More than anything, I’ve over the past few months been feeling insistently invited to work intimately with my natural rhythms and inner cycle, and to lean in ever so closely to my body’s inner wisdom and natural pace.

This has looked something like this: 

  • At the beginning of each new cycle, I’ve had to tap into and check in with my body regarding what big project to invest my energy in during that particular month. When you’ve built such a relationship with your body, the guidance almost just emerges and you will know what the call is. And, this Body Wisdom just happens to be one of my favourite things to teach women how to activate.

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  • And, at the beginning of each day I’ve also had to check in with my body about what work to engage in on that particular day and also listen in closely as I move through the day engaging in various work and life activities. I’m hardly ever able to get away with doing anything that is out of alignment with my highest mission and highest joy as my body instantly lets me know when I’m doing anything I don’t really want to be doing. And, this has probably been one of the most challenging parts of the initiation – learning to listen, and trust, and say yes to that inner guidance – because, in our conditioning, we’re mostly taught to do what we’re “supposed” to do, even when it might be misaligned for us, and to also silence our inner voice, should it still be able to reach us.

And, this work of activating your Body Wisdom and Womb Wisdom is also the work of healing this programming that has you doing life and work in ways that aren’t necessarily aligned for you and arriving at a place where you know the rhythms and pace that are just right for your body and also having the courage (because you’ll be moving against the herd) to listen to your inner wisdom and do what feels right for you. See, our bodies always knew what was right and most joyful for us, our conditioning was just one that taught us to disconnect from that inner knowing and to not trust it, if ever it emerged.

  • There’s also been an initiation on rest. My body is now at a point where she tells tells me with great insistence, especially, when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to dive into the bustle of work. And, although I never retreat into the rest periods without a fight (because we’ve been taught to attach our sense of worth to ceaseless productivity and activity), I’ve always emerged feeling replenished and quite grateful for having said yes to the wisdom of my body.

The path of working with the wisdom of your body is also one of recognising and honouring the ebb and flow of your body’s energy and of your creativity. Although I still struggle with this myself; this is a path of honouring the rest periods needed by your body, and which actually serve as fuel for your creativity and inner supernatural intelligence. Just as we retreat every night to allow the body some rest, we must also retreat at least once a month, for a period longer than a weekend. And, as we create avenues for self-employment with greater authority over our time, we should definitely grow to allow more time for rest and replenishment.

  • I’ve also recently learned of my Human Design type – Projector, and the wisdom here has been so deeply healing for me in allowing more of my own inner nature to emerge and be incorporated into how I do life and work. I’m definitely moving much more slowly now, and allowing healing for the many years of teachings I got around having to always move at the pace dictated by the world. I highly recommend that you do some studying here, of your Human Design type, so you may begin to heal and reclaim what is the true pace of your body.

And, just to add to what I wrote earlier about your body always having known: your body always knew the pace that just felt right for how to move in the world and also how to create. There actually is a pace for your creativity – one that is most aligned for your Human Design and one that will bring you the greatest satisfaction and fulfilment. You see; what happened on this beautiful planet of ours, was a programming that mostly taught us that “all human beings are to be and do things the same way”. And, this couldn’t have been furthest from the truth. Please commune with your body and continuously ask her to show you the most aligned pace for you, in creating and living your life.

And, one of the best places to begin this enquiry is during the pre-menstruum and menstrual periods of your Cycle. During these times, please listen in very closely for the pace at which your body wants to move. And, this will serve as one of the activations, for your womb’s wisdom to begin to emerge and work with you.

It’s just been so incredible to see just how knowing the body is, of what is most in alignment and joy-bearing! So, if you’re ever missing me here, please know I’m off somewhere listening to the inner and gentle nudges of my body, allowing this body to steep deeper into its true pace, and taking aligned action.

And, of course, this body wisdom usually only begins to emerge once one has done the inner work of clearing the inner debris (inner conditioning, pain, wounding, trauma etc.)  that usually stand between us and our inner knowing, and then also beginning to learn to trust the wisdom that flows from within. 

… because: for many of us, our bodies still hold a lot of pain and inner wounds from traumatic life experiences, and this is what sometimes makes it difficult to ‘hear’ what the body is saying, although it is always communicating. And, once the necessary inner healing work is done, one then usually has the task of rewiring the conditioning that taught most of us to cut off the connection we have with our bodies. At this point, you now have to relearn the language of your body and learn to trust it.

If you’re to step into any of my healing spaces, either through reading blogs on my website, listening to my podcast, attending my Masterclasses or working with me privately; please expect that this is where I’ll start you. Because building a relationship with your body and learning to listen to its cues if key in healing your body and activating your inner womb wisdom. Sometimes, all that’s needed is for you to listen to your body and heed its guidance. 

And wouldn’t it also feel so good to know that the life you’re creating is one that’s in alignment with your highest desires and greatest joy? You body knows. And, your womb can lead the way. 

If you’d like to read more on this, please check out the write-up of my upcoming Masterclass on Womb Healing, and the write-up of my Womb Healing Program which is now open for enrolment.

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I’ve written in detail on both pages because I believe women deserve to know all this. If there’s something that could help with the pain being held in our wombs, then we deserve to know all about it, and reclaim our freedom, joy and pleasure.

And, I’d love to hear more about your own journey, and connect. Come join us at the Womb Medicine Facebook Community, a private FB group for women also on their journeys of inner healing.