Womb Healing 101: What you need to know about Womb Healing

I recently hosted a Womb Healing Masterclass whose intention was to share wisdom on what womb healing is; why you need to heal your womb as a woman; and, how to heal your womb.

This Masterclass has been a culmination of work I’ve done over the past two years on the Sacral Body and the Womb Centre, and also following conversations I’d had with some of my Sisters and clients and which indicated a need for such an education on the potential that womb healing holds in attending to the inner womb wounds and pains of African women.

What’s been very important for me to share is WHY this healing is needed in the first place, so that you may be fully empowered in your inner healing journey. Therefore, a key theme of the teaching has been “Why you need to heal your womb”, and a sharing and deep exploration of some of the origins and the history of the womb pains of women.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing some of what we discussed and explored in the Masterclass while also expanding on that to share what emerged post the work.


What we must understand is that; womb pain, like any pain, often has a much deeper underlying source, an origin, and a history. Therefore, a womb pain and dis-ease that might manifest as excessive menstrual bleeding, menstrual cramping or pain, stillbirths, cysts, fibroids, cancers of the womb etc. usually has a much deeper underlying source and a history. The pain is usually just a physical manifestation of a wounding whose roots might be emotional or spiritual in nature.

In this segment of the article, we’re going to be exploring some of the history and sources of womb pain.

  • In general, because we live in a world that disregards and devalues the natural rhythms and cycles of women, and whose feminine essence has been relegated to the margins of our lives and existence, you will find that; even in cases where there hasn’t been any direct wounding, our wombs are constantly being hurt by how we have been conditioned and programmed to do life. The 24/7 grinding culture of #teamnosleep is quite deeply wounding for your womb and for how you move and create in the world.

This disregard for the feminine essence can also be seen in how we’re been programmed to do leadership and on how to move in our careers. We’ve mostly been conditioned into a leadership that is devoid of emotions and one which completely disregards and silences our intuition. This is deeply wounding for your womb and feminine nature. Further, the ways in which some of us have been taught to climb the corporate ladder is one in which we push through with very little rest and in ways that try to shut down our cyclical nature and can be deeply wounding for your womb.

  • Further, the conditioning and programming of our world on matters of sexuality (for both men & women) is one that, even in cases of no direct wounding in this lifetime, is continuously hurting the wombs of women. The catcalling and the subtly repressive teachings on the experience and expression of your sexuality as a woman is something that is deeply wounding for your body and womb.

And so, with this understanding, womb healing is something I recommend for all women, at varying degrees and in alignment with their experiences.

And, at the minimum (just for existing in this world), I highly recommend that you create a self-care practice that also includes care for your womb. Womb Steaming (often called Yoni Steaming) is something I recommend you do on a monthly basis, and with the support of womb healing teas if you prefer to drink the medicine as a tonic. I share more on these in the next segment.

And, below are some of the core reasons why you might need to heal your womb as a woman:

  • Ancestral/ Generational Wounding

Womb healing might also become necessary in cases where the pain you experience might have been inherited from your maternal or paternal lineages, and from a wounding that might have been experienced by your Ancestors. Such a wounding requires that we journey into your emotional and spiritual bodies to interrogate the source of the pain and offer healing medicine at that level.

This particular healing requires the support of a Womb Healer, and is healing work that I offer in my 12-Week Womb Healing Program and once-off immersions.

Book a once-off healing session here,

Or, apply for the 12-Week Womb Healing Program here.

  • Timelines of war and slavery

Some of the wounding manifesting in the wombs of women today flow from the timelines of war and slavery experienced on our African continent and which brought about with them a devastating violation of the wombs and bodies of women.

And, given that trauma leaves an imprint on human DNA and can as thus be passed down generations at cellular level; some of the pain you experience and hold in your womb might flow from traumatic experiences of your Ancestors who lived through these times of war and slavery that ravaged through our communities.

  • Wounding from past lives

And, with an appreciation of the vastness of our Souls follows an understanding that some of your current wounding and pain might flow from the experiences of your Soul in other lifetimes. And, it also follows that; your Soul might have actually lived through some of the timelines of war and slavery mentioned about and therefore be carrying an inner wounding from those experiences.

Such a wounding requires that we go deep into your emotional and spiritual bodies, and also within your body/mind to attend to the imprints of these woundings and offer healing medicine at that level.

It requires mentioning again that; sometimes what you experience as excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramping, cysts, fibroids etc. might actually have a much deeper source origin that is often not immediately visible to the physical eye.

  • Sexual Trauma

As shared on a recent LIVE Conversation I did on Instagram, sexual violation is one of the deepest and most devastating traumas that can ever be experienced by a human body and Soul. This is a wounding whose imprint can be passed down lineages and Soul extensions.

Tying this with the timelines of war and slavery mentioned above; with an understanding that, across the Ages, the sexual violation of women and children has been used as a weapon of war, we begin to see some of the roots of the great womb dis-ease experienced by some women of our current generation. Each war has left women deeply violated and deeply wounded, and thus requiring deep inner healing.

If left unattended, such a wounding will often require inner healing for the descendants of those who experienced this violation; for the descendants to clear the wounding that they might have inherited, and to also ensure that it is not passed down further to their own children and descendants.

  • Unprocessed Emotions

Another very important element, and one that we often take for granted is that; our wombs tend to hold all emotions that we are not able to process. What might manifest as womb pain (excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramping, cysts etc.) might just be your womb trying to digest (on your behalf) some of your unprocessed grief, sorrow, shame etc.

I say we take it for granted because; we currently live in a society that has very little room or safe space for the expression and experience of our true emotions. Further, our current society is one with very little understanding or appreciation of what happens to these emotions when they are not processed, and the impact that this failure to process and express might have on our bodies and lives.

And so, part of the womb healing work I do with women is to sift through the emotions that they might still be holding in their bodies and wombs, and that might be physically manifesting as the pains they experience.

We also want to work with an understanding that some of the emotions we hold might not necessarily be ours. They might be remnants of what was experienced by our Ancestors and/or parents and that never had space to find expression and be fully processed and integrated.

Part of the work we’d also do in my inner womb healing containers is working with your body/mind to interrogate some of the emotional blocks sitting in your body and that might make it difficult for you to have the life experiences you say you desire. Often, what makes it difficult for us to manifest our desires are the emotional blocks that sit in our body/mind or nervous system and that have not yet been integrated. And so, part of the work of healing your body and life is in integrating these emotional pieces.

  • Pregnancy loss, stillbirths or an abortion

With an appreciation of pregnancy loss (miscarriage) being a loss, we begin to understand that this can be a very devastating experience in the life of a woman and which might also carry a very strong emotional charge. Often, there are very few spaces where this emotional charge may find full expression and for the mother to fully move through the grief and sorrow of her loss. In addition to requiring a safe space to fully process this loss, there might also be a need to process the emotions of shame, self-blame or fear that might accompany such a loss.


Although a taboo topic for many communities, abortions can be deeply wounding experiences in the lives of women and therefore also require attention and healing. The most prevalent emotion here for many women is shame, and which can manifest as physical womb pain. There might also be emotions of guilt and regret and that we would need to clear from your emotional body. In addition to the emotional work, there’s also the spiritual reparation work that’s needed relating to the Soul of the baby whose journey into the physical realm got interrupted by the execution of the abortion.

This is part of the work of honoring the rites of passage of women, and of ensuring healing and wholeness for each experience and stage.


  • Womb Steaming & Womb Healing Teas

As mentioned above; at the minimum, I recommend monthly womb steaming for every woman, to gently detoxify and cleanse the subtle wounding that your body continually sustains just by existing in our current world whose deeply toxic masculine culture dishonors and devalues the natural rhythms, paces and cycles of women.

Womb Steaming is an ancient practice that’s supported the healing and vitality of women across the Ages.

It is known to help with the following: may gently and effectively cleanse, tone and revitalize your womb and vagina; may help ease menstrual cramping and reduce excessive menstrual bleeding; may help you to heal, relax and detoxify, both physically and emotionally; may eliminate unpleasant smells of the vagina; may help enhance libido and boost fertility; may help ease premenstrual symptoms; may help with irregular or missing menstrual periods; and, may also help with bleeding between periods and with pain during intercourse.

Some of the plant medicine used in womb steaming herbal blends may include: Calendula, Mugwort, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Yarrow, Motherwort, Dong Quai, Lemon Balm, Basil etc.

It is important to note that; different herbs hold different healing properties. And, depending on the constituents of a herbal blend, the blend may be cleansing, blood building, hydrating, disinfecting, toning or hormone balancing. So, you always want to check in with your supplier regarding the contents of their herbal blends and what the healing properties of the herbs are, and what they are meant to do in your body.

In addition to the womb steaming, and where possible, I also recommend that you get yourself some womb healing teas. Depending on your supplier, these might include plant medicine such as Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Peppermint, Fennel etc. Known as a key herb for women, Red Raspberry Leaf may help relieve menstrual cycle issues such as pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) – cramping, vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea, and may also help relieve heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Honoring your Cyclical Nature & Natural Rhythms

I also recommend that you begin learning about and honoring your cyclical nature as a woman. A point of departure would be learning about your Inner Seasons as a woman and also learning to work with these and syncing them with your life and work commitments.

If you struggle with premenstrual discomfort or pain, the wisdom of Inner Seasons Mapping would be of value in learning how to support your body and womb during your premenstruum and menstrual periods. This is also part of the work I do with women in my inner womb healing programs.

You may watch this Conversation I did with Joy Mogami on the Inner Seasons of a Woman’s Body.

And, you can book a once-off healing session here to get started with the work.

  • Rest & Retreat

The wisdom on Inner Seasons Mapping will also help restore rest and retreat in your life. And, as I recently shared on an Instagram post; rest is medicine, and a resource. And, when coupled with other holistic remedies, it may relieve some of your womb pains and also help boost libido and fertility. It’s one of the publicly kept secrets in creating luscious and deeply nourishing lives.

And, I understand that; at first, rest might not be something that’s easily accessible for you. For me, it was after many years of deep inner healing that I was eventually able to allow myself occasional rest and retreat, even with heaps of work and life wanting my attention. So, it might take some inner healing work and a bit of practice before you’re able to arrive at making this a regular practice. Please be gentle with yourself.

  • Working with a Womb Healer

In cases where you’re experiencing excruciating womb pain, I recommend that you start working with a Womb Healer to help facilitate healing for the source of your pain at its source. Such work might include Emotional & Spiritual Healing for your inner womb wounds & pains and which would attend to many of the sources shared under “Why you need to heal your Womb” above.

My 12~Week Womb Healing Program is such a container which can help in facilitating the necessary deep emotional & spiritual healing for your core womb wounds and pains. You may read about it and apply to work with me here.

  • Acupuncture, Womb Meditations & Breathwork

Other healing modalities which may help in facilitating healing for your womb include Acupuncture, especially for cysts and fibroids. Other modalities may include womb meditations and Breathwork, and which are included in my 12~Week Womb Healing Program shared above.


I hope this article has been a useful resource for you? If so, please feel free to reach out to me and share some of what’s stood out for you. Let’s connect on Instagram @tumelomoreri or via email at hello@tumelomoreri.com

And, please also pay it forward by sharing this article with all the women in your life who you know need it.