Remedies for Irregular or Absent Periods

Irregular or absent periods form part of the inner womb pain and dis-ease experienced by many women in our world today.

And, as shared in one of my recent blog articles; what we need to understand about any womb pain, or dis-ease, or irregularity, is that it often flows from a much deeper underlying source and whose diligent investigation and healing would be something of value for your life.

As shared in the blog article, some of the sources or origins of womb pain include: Ancestral/ Generational Wounding; Sexual Trauma; Unprocessed Emotions held by and in your womb; Wounding from Past Lives, Traumatic Timelines of war & slavery, and a few others which will be unique to your case.

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And, when you’re in a space to start doing your inner healing work, I’d recommend that you consult a Womb Healer so that they may help you begin to sift through what might be causing your womb pain. Because, given the different experiences of our lives, you’ll find that there isn’t a cut & paste type of solution for the pains endured by women, and as thus this will require that you sit down and do the inner healing work with a Healer.

And, I’m sharing this article because I’ve been getting quite a number of questions around what to do, or what remedies to use in cases of irregular or absent periods.

The first step to take, if this is available to you, would be to work with a Womb Healer and have them hold space for your inner healing and to sift through the source of your pain.

And, if the above option isn’t yet available to you, then I highly recommend that you start incorporating some holistic practices into your life that will support your body and womb in returning to wholeness. And, I still recommend these holistic practices and remedies even if you’re going to work with a Healer.

A huge part of these practices would be for you to start building a relationship with your womb and recognizing that she’s a living thing, that can be wounded, that can be saddened by painful experiences, and that therefore needs to be nurtured and helped to heal.

If you’ve experienced any violation to your woman body or to your womb, you need to recognize just how deeply hurt your body and womb have been. They can’t possibly be in a happy state right now, and this might manifest as pain, and will require healing and deliberate attention from you.

And, something that I recommend for all women I come across is to build a self-care practice that’s also inclusive of your womb health. Please add to your life regular womb healing & nurturing practices; please create space for rest; please learn about your Inner Seasons as a woman and sync these with your work and life. These can be deeply healing and nourishing for your body and womb.

Learn more about your Inner Seasons here.

And, while there will be varying reasons for why your period might be irregular or absent, there are some herbs you could try out in the comfort of your home to help bring some balance to your menstrual cycle.

As a remedy to use by yourself and in your home, I’d recommend that you start doing some womb steaming, and specifically with herbs that help with irregular or absent periods and that may also help ease your pain.

This diligent selection of herbs to use flows from an understanding that different herbs hold different healing medicine. And so, we won’t necessarily use the same herbs when we’re wanting to remedy a heavy menstrual flow as when we’re attending to an irregular or absent period.

So, when getting your womb steaming herbs, please ensure to quite specifically ask for a blend that will help with irregular or absent periods.

And, such blends (for irregular or absent periods) might contain the following herbs:

– Motherwort
– Sage
– Calendula
– Chaste Tree
– Feverfew
– Mayweed

NB: Do not use Motherwort in case of heavy bleeding.

And, herbs that might help relieve your pain include:

– Calendula
– Thyme
– Red Raspberry Leaf
– Motherwort etc.

Irregular or absent periods might also affect your fertility, and so we can’t quite have a conversation about irregular periods without talking about fertility.

Given that fertility, and all matters of the womb really, are quite complex matters, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of remedy. If you’re truly struggling to conceive, and you’re wanting to do some healing work around this, then I’d highly recommend that you consult a Womb Healer. You may book a private healing session with me, to get started with the work.

And remember, our fertility (capacity to create) is also quite deeply impacted by our levels of rest and the pace with which we move through our lives.

So, if you’re struggling with fertility and possibly currently leading a very hectic life, with hectic schedules and very little time for rest and repair, then I recommend you look into this and make some changes. A rested body is definitely more receptive and in a better state for creation. And, this goes for babies and for other creative pursuits in our lives. You want to create time for both productivity/action and rest.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know in the comments below.

And, please also share any questions you might have so I may provide more targeted responses if you need any, or contact me via email at for a more detailed and tailored consultation.

Sending you blessings for your inner healing journey.

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