Mother Wound Healing as a pathway to healing your Womb

Given that the mother/child relationship is actually one of the primary relationships for human beings, and also given the position of women and motherhood in our current capitalist & patriarchal culture, this relationship is one of the core places where inner wounding happens for a lot of human beings. It is also one of the core place where inner wounding happens for women, and a lot of it resulting in womb pain.
So, we really can’t do any form of healing really (just generally), without talking about this Mother Wound and also doing extensive healing work around it. And, for a woman seeking to heal her womb pain, there’s no way we can effectively & diligently attend to your pain without talking about and working on what’s happened between you and your mother, and to the women in your lineage.
So, also. Beyond just doing this deep exploration & healing work for your relationship with your mother, in my work with you, we’ll also do the Generational/ Bloodline Healing work of the women in your lineage, and thus attend to some of the sources and origins of your womb pain. And, to say this work is necessary & must be done would be such a massive understatement.
For more on this, watch the video below (which was recorded as a LIVE class).
Another thing I must share is that: so, there’s knowledge I can share here with you, and even sometimes in the form of journaling prompts as I’ve written below, but there’s work that can only be done in a private healing sessions.
The work of digging into your relationship with your mum, and the experiences of your Grandmothers is only something I can do with you when I’m looking at you and we’re sitting in sacred healing space.
And so, I’m going to be sharing below journaling prompts that will get you started in reflecting on your relationship with your mother, but please also know that there’s so much more that can only be done in a private session, and that’s where the healing is.
As part of my private healing work, I’ll help you deeply explore and identify your specific behaviors, patterns, wounding, pains and triggers that flow from your relationship with your mother. And, we’ll deeply explore how the Mother Wound is quietly running your life and informing your experiences and decisions.
And for you who’s seeking to heal your womb pain, the work would be around going deep into your various bodies (emotional, physical, spiritual) and identifying the points/ events in your relationship with your mother and that have resulted in your womb pain, and also offering those an inner healing medicine.
We also want to dig into your lineage, into the experiences of your Grandmothers, and that might have led to your current womb pain.
And, remember: by womb pain we’re also talking about excessive menstrual bleeding, those excruciating menstrual cramps, pain/ bleeding during intercourse, lower abdominal pain, cysts, fibroids, miscarriages, stillbirths etc. Anything that brings dis-ease or discomfort to your experience with your womb. These are womb pain.
And, to get you started in exploring your relationship with your mother, please reflect on the prompts below. Like, actually take out a pen and write your responses on paper.
And, this is an exercise I recommend for men as well, because we all need to heal our Mother Wound.
1. How is your relationship with your mother? Please tell me about your mum, about your interactions and how you feel about your interactions and associations with her.
Write this all out on paper. If it’s comfortable for you, pretend as though you’re telling someone you trust.
2. What are some of the things you celebrate/ enjoy about your relationship with your mum? In what ways has some of what she has done made you happy, joyful or expanded?
3. And, what are some of the things in your relationship with your mother that have made you sad? In what ways or instances do you feel like she might have disappointed you, or hurt you? In what ways or instances might do you feel like she might have abandoned you or rejected you?
Write these all out.
And, remember these do not take away from all the amazing things she might have done for you, or the brave and courageously things she might have done to provide for you. But, the hurt must also be acknowledged.
And, the guilt you might sometimes feel in saying: “she’s actually quite amazing, but she hurt me”, is part of where the Mother Wound lives for some of us.
So, please go on and write all these out. This whole exercise should take about 30mins.
4. What is some of what you desire for your relationship with your mother? What is some of what you wish you could experience or get to feel in your interactions with your mother?
Please list these all out.
5. Might it be possible to make some of these desires come to life or happen? What action could you take today to make these happen?
Or, might you feel stuck or deep stirred, and requiring support to move through and explore further what’s come up here for you?
In the case that you need further support, please book a private 2-hour session with me at link below, and I’d be very happy to hold space for you as you do this important work of your life.
I send you so much of my love as you dive into this process. And, I also ask that you be Divinely supported and guided as you do this.
And, so it is, and so it is.