Father Wound Healing as a pathway to healing your Womb

We really can’t talk about the wombs of women or their womb pain without also talking about their relationship with their fathers; their relationship with men in our society and the Masculine in our world.
And, we also really can’t have a conversation on the womb wounds & pains of women without also looking at the history of our world and that’s gotten us to where we are today.
The link that exists between the Father Wound, the relationship of women with the Masculine (in human form & as an Energy in their lives), and their womb pain is in its connection to 7+ sources of womb pain:
– Childhood (Inner Child) Wounding
– The Mother Wound
– Intimacy/ Sexuality Wounding
– Sexual Trauma
– Generational/ Ancestral Wounding
– Wounding from Past Lives
– Abortions and miscarriages.
Check out the video below (which was recorded as a LIVE class) to learn how these relate to your womb pain and how to tap into Father Wound Healing to facilitate inner healing for your womb.
This is such a necessary conversation for us to have, and an inner healing work to do, especially in a world where the Father Wound is rarely acknowledged and spoken about and whose impact in our lives often goes widely undetected.
Have a listen above.
And, please share this with all the women in your life who you know need it.
PS: If you’re feeling called to go deeper with this work, and heal your body, life and lineage then I invite you to book a private 2-hour Healing Session with me at link below: