Podcast Episode 30: Inner Seasons III – Understanding Inner Winter

In this podcast episode, which is Part 3 of our mini-series on the Inner Seasons of your woman body, we explore: the inner landscaping of Inner Winter (menstruation), and the invitations & gifts that become accessible & available to you through this inner season.

In the episode, we also explore the forms of support you can offer yourself especially if you experience womb pain during your menstrual period, and how to sync your understanding of this inner season with your life, work, business building or leadership.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why your inner emotional & physical pains might become activated during this inner season and how to support yourself.
  • Some of the sources or origins of the emotional & physical womb pains you might experience during your menstrual period and how to remedy or heal these.
  • The inner contours of Menstruation and why these are key for your creativity, inner replenishment & capacity to innovate in your personal life & outer world.
  • Why & how your body holds the keys in coming up with new & elevated ideas for the challenges faced by our world and for the birthing of new timelines & possibilities for our human race.
  • Some of the outer actions you can take to incorporate this understanding (of Inner Winter) into your life and sync it with how you live your life, show up for work or create & build your business.
  • A few personal examples of how I’ve over the years journeyed with this wisdom in my own life & in the creation & building of my spiritual business.

Listen to this (and more), and let’s journey further in your path of inner healing & expansion.