Podcast Episode 32: Inner Seasons V – The High Energy of Inner Summer

In this final episode of our podcast mini-series on the Inner Seasons of your woman body, we explore the inner landspace & architecture of your Inner Summer, also known as the Ovulatory Phase.

In the episode, we also unpack the sacred invitations & tasks you might be called into in this inner season; the initiatory challenges that might emerge with the peaked energy of Inner Summer; and, how to sync the understanding of the season with all of your life, work, business & leadership.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How to harness the high energy of Inner Summer and channel it into the areas of your life that matter to you the most.
  • How to navigate the initiatory challenges that might emerge with this peak in energy, while maintaining focus on your cycle intentions & commitments that will move your life forward.
  • How to avoid burnout and ensure you channel your energy in ways that feel nourishing for your body and are sustainable.
  • How working with your Inner Seasons & leaning into your body’s wisdom can support you as someone recovering from burnout and seeking wholesome ways of doing work & life.
  • Some of the outer actions you can take to fully leverage the high energy of this season, and how to incorporate this wisdom into your life & how you show up for work, business & leadership.
  • If you’re running your own business, how you can align the work & inner processes of your business with this season to ensure sustainable growth.

Listen to this (and more), and let’s journey further in your path of inner healing & expansion.