Create your Dream Life with the Wisdom of your Womb

A question I like to invite my clients into quite a lot, and especially at the beginning of our work together is:

“How would you like to FEEL in your life?”

This question and the intentional responses that usually follow from it have proved such a game changer in the lives of my clients and even in my own life.

One client, upon realizing that it is very important for her to “feel good” & “feel confident” went right ahead & immediately made the necessary changes in her life & especially in how she relates with her body that brought about these felt-states.

And it’s been such a constant joy for us to continually revisit the other felt-states she had connected to in our second session together and also see the ways in which these felt-states continue to manifest & flourish in her life, and positively impact other areas of her life.

In the course of my own personal development & spiritual awakening journey, I’ve noticed how as individuals we often tend to postpone our dreams & the desired felt-states we hold for our lives with the hope that some external person or event will come and make us feel the ways in which we would like to feel.

And, it is also often the case that even we ourselves don’t know what we’d want to feel, and thus making it close to impossible for the wheels of the Divine to begin to move in the support of such desires.

One of the core elements of my work is the intentional creation & living of your life. In the process of living our lives, we ought to come to full realization that we are the co-creators of our lives. This is why we do the very best of what is humanly possible (on our end) and then also allow God & our Luminous Support Teams to do the rest.

And so, today, I’d like to invite you to pull out a pen and your journal and reflect on this question:

“How would you like to FEEL in your life?”

Ask yourself:

“How would I like to FEEL in my life?”

You can extend this to your body & womb, to your work & workplace, your leadership, your various relationships, in your money or wealth creation, in intimacy, sexuality etc.

The creation process of your life will often start with this intentional step. With you getting clear on what you want. And with the Medicine of your Womb right there to support this creation process. And with God & your Guides being at the ready to do whatever is possible on their end to support you.

Trust that you know what you want. Trust that you know how you’d like to feel in your life. And give those desires life by naming them. Give them the power of your voice. Give them the power of your faith.

Always in your corner,


PS: For more on why there is great emphasis on focusing on how you’d like to feel and why this is the accelerated lane in creating the life of your dreams, please read this article.

PPS: The work I do with private clients is either through a Private 2-hour Healing Session or through the more long-term 6~months Private Healing Program. You may explore both at this link.

2 thoughts on “Create your Dream Life with the Wisdom of your Womb

  1. Liziwe

    I’d like to take part on your programmes, but currently,I’m stuck in a pattern of financial instability since I quit My job in 2018. I don’t know how to access the tools I need in order for my life flow again without this resource (money), which allows me to access these tools.

    1. tumelomoreri

      Dear Liziwe,

      I definitely can relate with where you’re currently at with your financial situation – with you wanting to bring about change in your life but not quite having the resources to do so. While I do recognise this challenge, I also deeply celebrate your interest in this work & your commitment to doing the inner work that will bring about transformation & expansion in your life.

      Something that might help (in the meantime) is to engage work that’s offered for free, such as my Blog here and the work I offer on the Podcast. There’s also the opportunity to book a single 2-hour Healing Session with me, which might be more accessible that the more longer term healing program.

      I hope this might be helpful in the meantime, and please let me know if there’s any other way I might be of help.


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