Consciously Creating your Dream Life

The conscious creation of your dream life will be a partnership between you, God & your Guides.

And, by “dream life” I mean a life with people, things & experiences that you most desire & want.

Such a life will require that you honour your responsibility as Co-Creator of your life – doing whatever that’s humanly possible to make this dream life come to life, while also allowing Spirit to do whatever is possible on their end to support you.

As human beings, we hold the opportunity & responsibility to fully lean into and tap into our intellectual, emotional, spiritual & physical capabilities to create our most desired lives, while also communing & collaborating with Spirit to move the forces of Creation on their end. You hold within you the opportunity & responsibility to fully show up (with all of who you are, all of what you have, and all that you’ve been gifted with) for what you most desire, doing all the work that’s needed on your end, while also asking & trusting in Spirit to support you in creating your best life.

I say this also with the awareness that this process of intentionally dreaming up our lives can sometimes be a scary thing for us, specifically bringing up thoughts & emotions of fear around whether you can truly do it and whether the things you desire most can come true.

And, I’d like to remind you that:

Metaphysically; the equivalent of what you desire already exists in the Ethers of the Universe. We just need to do some work around opening your life up to those things coming to life in the physical.

William Ward was also right; if you can imagine it, then you can create it. I’ve seen this with my own life. This process of imagining or dreaming your desired reality into existence is exactly how our worlds are created. So; you’ve got this. You have what is needed to bring your dreams to life.

And, today, I’d like to invite you into the process of activating your Creator Codes, and beginning to consciously create the life/ lives you most desire. I’m going to guide you in this process through 3 phases & blog articles that you can engage over a period of 3 days or whatever frequency is possible for you. The main requirement is for the work of these articles to flow on each other, and not within too far a distance from one another.

Phase 1: A Reflection & Inner Clearing Process

In creating our lives, there’s often a lot of inner debris that stands between us and that which constitutes our dream lives. This debris can often take the form of unprocessed emotions, inner wounding & pain, ancestral trauma etc.

The unprocessed emotions can be such as you having not allowed yourself to fully grieve the lost parts of your life, or having not allowed yourself to fully process and move through any pain you might’ve encountered in your life and that might still be held in your body. These unprocessed pieces are often what stands in the way of us being able to fully claim & hold (i.e. become a home for the) more expanded versions of ourselves and lives.

And so, before any creation process, I will always invite you into a reflection process of your past and identify things, emotions etc. that you might need to let go of, clear or release from your life. We do this so we may begin to clear space within you that is to be occupied by your “new” life.

This clearing process can also be done in a deeply intensive way, where we focus on your entire life and deeply heal & clear the inner pain & wounding you might hold from your life journey, from your lineages and past lifetimes, and that might make it difficult for you to fully claim & step into your dream life. This deeply intensive healing process is the work of my 6-months Private Healing Program, which you may explore here.

To some degree, you can also facilitate a reflection & clearing process for yourself. And, for your own exploration & inner work at home, I’ve prepared a blog article with a process that will help you to reflect on your past 12 months; identifying moments of celebration, lessons you may take with you, and elements you might want to release and let go of.

You may explore this article here: Reflecting on & Honouring your just ended Season.

I also just need to mention that; whether you have a Coach or Healer in your life to hold space for you, you will also always need to activate and work with your own Inner Coach & Inner Healer. This is important because, while we can call on other people to hold space for us, we also hold the responsibility to step up into the role of being our First Healer. You are your own Healer, first and foremost, and this must be a role you actively play for your life and that you regularly engage in as you steer your life into the directions you most desire and yearn for.

Phase 2: Setting Conscious Intentions for your Life

Once you’ve deeply processed your most recent life period (let’s work with 12 months), we now want to get very clear on what you’d like to call in and create in the next 12 months.

And here, I’d like to highlight that; the accelerated lane in creating your dream life will be in focusing on how you’d like to FEEL in your life. And we can do this for your broader life, or by zooming into specific areas of your life where you’d like to bring about change or transformation such as your relationship with your body, your home life, matters of your intimacy & sexuality, money or wealth creation, your work, your soul mission, your business, your leadership etc. Essentially, this process can be applied across all of your life.

And, the reason we focus on how you’d like to feel is because; with most (if not all) of the things you want & desire for your life, the FEELING is often what you’re trying to get at, realise or achieve.

For example:

If you’re looking to lose weight, it might be because you want to FEEL confident, sexy, healthy, lighter etc. If you’re desiring more money in your life, it might be because you want to FEEL abundant, magnetic, worthy, empowered etc. And, if you’re desiring to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life, it might be because you want to FEEL loved, seen, held, supported etc.

So, in this process, we want to go directly to these desired felt-states and create your life from that level. This will also open up a whole new world of possibilities for you that you can tap into & possibly even create many things and draw in many people & experiences that’ll get you feeling abundant, sexy, loved, worthy, beautiful, supported etc.

To guide you in this process of thinking through, feeling through & deciding what you’d like to feel & experience in your life, please explore this blog article: Setting Soulful Intentions for your new Season.

While I’m aware that for most of our lives, many of us might’ve been taught that we first need to HAVE the things that will allow us to DO the things that will get us to BE who we most want to be (i.e. HAVE > DO > BE), I’d like to emphasis that the accelerated lane of creating the life of your dreams is in engaging the BE > DO > HAVE creation formula that asks you to first contemplate who you’d like to BE through how you’d like to FEEL (then becoming that person already), and then watch yourself begin to DO the things that are necessary for your dream life and gradually arrive at HAVING the things you’ve always desired. It’s such a profound process of creating your life from the inside out. It is as though the boyfriend or girlfriend you’ve been longing for becomes drawn to you as a result of you already being & feeling so deeply loved, seen & held within yourself and within your own life.

And, while there are many elements missing within the Law of Attraction as widely taught, it is true that everything is energy, and that you’ll draw towards you things, people and experiences that match your internal frequency and vibration. And, with this intention setting process, we want to get you directly to the internal frequency that is a match for the things you desire. If having money feels like “abundance” for you, then we want you to already feel “abundant” so you may begin to call in things, people and experiences that carry that frequency of “abundance”. And I hope you’re probably also now seeing that this would bring in so much more than just the initial object of your desire (in this case money) because that frequency will call in MANY things (and not just the money) and that match your frequency.

The missing elements within the Law of Attraction are specifically the acknowledgment of trauma & inner wounding that often stand in the way of us being able to create what we most desire. In the case of money, there might be some trauma & inner wounding you hold around money, either from your own life journey or lineages and that we might need to first energetically heal & clear before you’re able to step into the version of yourself that is able to make and receive the money you desire. So, the process of creating your dream life will also call you to heal whatever it is within you and within your life that might keep you from fully claiming & receiving what you most desire.

Phase 3: Manifesting your Intentions in the moment of NOW.

Now. Quite often in our lives, we want to wait for external people & circumstances to come make happen for us the things & lives we most desire. We might often want to have the boyfriend first before we allow ourselves to (feel loved, orgasmic or nourished) to glow and radiate with life; or have the money first before you (feel empowered, focused or confident) to start the business of your dreams; or become a certain age first before you allow yourself to (feel confident, validated or qualified) to start your Public Speaking career; or wait for Summer of next year before you (feel inspired, confident or daring) to start getting out there with your ideas and intentions.

In a very multilayered way, this is largely as a result of a global conditioning & programming that’s mostly taught us that our power lies outside of us and that’s created within us a belief that some God, person or circumstance out there will come and save us from our pain or discomfort and give us all that we’ve always desired for our lives.

While it is true that God and your Guides can support you is very profound ways, we’re also needing to re-educate ourselves into our immense power as the Creators of our lives. We’re needing to remember that we always had the resources within us to enable ourselves or give ourselves what we most desire. And, of course, this can be done while in community & partnership with Spirit and life companions, but you must also honour your power as a very capable creator of all that you desire.

And so, the next step is for you to explore the ways in which you can RIGHT NOW grant yourself the felt-states you desire. We want to explore: what could you shift in your life right so to realise your desired felt-states? What could you give to yourself right now to ensure you feel in these ways? What activities could you add to your day-to-day life to ensure you feel in the ways you most desire?

For full guidance on this process, please explore this blog article: Manifesting your Intentions in the moment of NOW.

This conscious creation process definitely doesn’t replace the need to heal & clear our inner pain & wounding. It is however such a critical step in healing & creating the life you most desire, and a way for you to actively show up and summon into your life the things, people and experiences you desire most. These 3 steps are also what I currently support all my long-term clients through at the beginning our work together, and they’ve reported such amazing results.

Please go give this a try, and let’s set in motion the Wheels of Creation to come support you in creating your dream life.

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