What is New Earth Leadership?

New Earth Leadership is a practice of leadership that is embodied & integrated.

It is a new earth leadership because it is this form of leadership that will usher in and enable us to usher in a new earth (with elevated ways of being & doing life) for our world.

While there are already many positive changes underway in our world, devoted men & women will be required to do their own inner healing work that will help deeply anchor in and hold into place these changes.

We’re needing to do an inner healing work because for our world to change in the direction we desire, we ourselves must embody within ourselves these new changes. And therefore, the leadership of the future is of men and women who also prioritize and commit to their inner healing because this is what will effectively birth these changes & new worlds within them such that they may also have the inner resources and capacity to birth the changes in the external world.

The leadership is embodied because when you do the inner work of healing your life and any past pain and trauma you might hold, you begin to form within you new pathways of being and of experiencing life that are of the new earth we speak of and desire. The leadership is embodied because it moves beyond just what we think & talk about to these changes actually becoming who we are. It is a leadership you are, where you become what which you speak of, and where you walk your talk. It is therefore a leadership of integrity, where you are what you say & talk about.

The leadership of our future also ought to be one that integrates all parts of who you are, with the radical aid of inner healing work to bring all parts of who you are, including the parts of you that might have been hidden & shunned, into an inner state of wholeness within yourself. And this is required of our leadership because, a magic begins to happen when we allow ourselves to bring all of who we are to the table of our lives and of our leadership, and when we have the support to integrate all these parts of ourselves and work with them as allies.

With the appreciation that ours is a world built on patriarchal values and systems that actually cause harm to both women and men of our world; our new earth leadership ought to be one that integrates the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine principles of creation.

Living in this patriarchal paradigm that is mostly dominated by energetics of the inverted masculine means that the Divine Feminine principle of our world has been repressed and suppressed and that the Divine Masculine principle of our world has become inverted, corrupted, and distorted. Such that (for example); quite generally in our world, instead of having a Masculine presence that provides, we generally have one that loots and violates, one that takes away from the general population of the human race, instead of providing for sustenance and in abundance. And you need only look at the state of the world to see this.

I speak more on these Feminine & Masculine energetics on the podcast episodes below:

And so, with this much deeper understanding of what’s happening in our world, if we’re wanting to create and build a world founded of values of radical truth and divine justice, we also need to heal and integrate the Conscious Feminine & Conscious Masculine, as sacred principle that guide the creation process and the liberation of all.

And since this leadership is one that ought to be embodied, this integration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine must also happen within you. It must first be facilitated within you such that you may have then inner resources and capacity to birth and build ideas, projects, organizations that embody in a balanced way both the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.

New Earth Leadership is a leadership that deeply recognizes that we create the world as we are. And that for us to be able to create any part of the new worlds we desire, that these new worlds must first be born within ourselves. And such that we may begin to mirror them out into the external world, in an inside-out process of creation. Which is actually what’s most sustainable and long-lasting.

And, in my new podcast series on Psycho-spiritual Healing for Women Leaders, I teach more on the inner work that’s required to step into and embody this new earth leadership, and the ways of living and of how to engage with your body & womb that will facilitate the emergence of this leadership in your life.

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