Honouring your Authority & Sovereignty in your healing journey.

I’ve in the past few months been reflecting a lot on how I work with my clients – those who sign up to do healing work with me, and some of the shifts I’d like to bring to that space.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the word “Healer” and thinking that: sometimes when we say “I am your Healer” or “Tumelo is my Healer” it can be interpreted to mean that I am the one who is actually healing you and that you have no power, contribution and sometimes no say in your healing process.

While it is true that I can to some degree actually heal you by just being around you or actively engaging with your energetic field, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the idea that “someone is my Healer” can sometimes be disempowering for us.

There’s a lot of good and need for it (the “Healer” and “Healing”), and I’ve also been sitting with the shadow or distortion of it.

And some of what I’ve been arriving to this past year is that: I actually want to PARTNER with my clients and mentees. When you sign up to do healing work with me, I want it to be that you & I are getting into a partnership to bring about the changes you desire for your life and to facilitate the healing you need.

Because we each hold so much power.

You are in so many ways the Healer of you, and my role is sometimes just to hold the space (and this is needed) for you to access that healing from Spirit and/or your people.

Sometimes my role is to hold the space, to hold the time, as a vessel for Spirit to “come” be with us and activate the medicine you already hold within you. Sometimes, this is what the healing is. And yes, it is always more detailed that just this. It’s always so much more. But you hold so much power and already bring so much medicine to your healing journey and processes.

I held a very powerful healing session recently that was testament to this. Even when working with a Healer or being supported by a Healer, you too hold and bring so much of your own medicine to the healing space. Please don’t take for granted the power, and therefore the responsibility, that you also hold in your healing.

PS: If you might be relatively new here, please find below links to resources and my healing offers should you desire more support and connection. I currently have a few spots open in my private healing program.