Musings on Leadership Medicine

The phrase “Leadership Medicine” first came to me some time in early 2022.

I had at the time been invited by a Sister Friend to participate in a research study for her MPhil degree. And I can’t quite remember whether the phrase came to me before or during our interview meeting, but it remained one of the biggest highlights and takeaways from that conversation.

At first glance, the phrase, which has now become a body of work, can be mistaken to mean that we’re healing your leadership itself. And while this is true to some degree, there’s so much more to it.

Leadership Medicine means that we’re holding space to heal matters of your inner & personal lives that might stand in the way of you becoming the leader you desire to become and that the world needs you to be.

And this is so because a lot of the things that stand in the way of our “greatness” or high-level impact (read: authentic, meaningful, soul-aligned, sustainable, long lasting impact) are often very personal.

This means that: sometimes what stands in the way is something that happened in your childhood or along the journey of your life. The difficulty to step into your leadership might have to do with an experience you had with mum when you were little. Or with brother. Or with sister. Or with dad. Or with your peers.

And so, when we do the healing work, we can almost do it without ever mentioning or exclusively focusing on your leadership. Because the issues are in our personal lives & personal histories.

And this is why, as we do the healing work, we almost always encounter some residue on mum, dad, your siblings, or peers in your adolescence, that we might need to work through and help you transmute, because that is what actually informs or influences your leadership.

The impostor syndrome. Why you might struggle to rest. The burnout. Feeling overwhelmed. Why you might doubt yourself and your ideas. Why you might have little to no support in your life. Why you might fear success. Why you might be afraid to say exactly what you mean or want to say. A lot of it is held here, in your personal life & history. And so, that’s where we go.

And so, a comprehensive work of elevating your leadership and bringing it the medicine that it needs is often not complete without doing some healing around the Mother Wound, Father Wound, Inner Child and Inner Teen. Because this is where a lot of what hinders or blocks us from stepping into our greatness or highest missions is held. The root of a lot of the pain & triggers we might experience today is held here. And so, that’s where we go.

My private Mentorship/ Healing program has 3 tracks. We can either focus on Womb Medicine, Leadership Medicine or more generally, Psycho-spiritual Healing. And this is for you who might want to heal any pain you experience around your womb, around your leadership, or around any area of your life that you know is not either the womb or your leadership, respectively.

And so, you get to choose what you want us to focus on. The minimum time of working together through this program is 4-months, and this allows us 12 sessions with some integration breaks in between.

There’s also the possibility to extend our time together to 6 months or 12 months should you choose. And you may read more on the private Mentorship/ Healing program here.

I’ve only recently added “Mentorship” and “Mentor” to my profile, and this is to state and honour that: when you decide to work with me, you and I are actually stepping into a partnership of bringing about the changes you desire and facilitating the healing you need for your life. It is in so many ways to highlight your power and to honour that power in your processes of healing.

Read more about this on my recent blog titled: Honouring your authority and sovereignty in your healing journey.