On Women and the Invitation to live in & occupy our bodies.

One of the greatest medicines for us as women is to fully occupy and be in or live in our bodies.

Much of our conditioning and socialization around our bodies, from as early as when we were little girls, has been one that teaches us to live life outside of our bodies. It is a conditioning that gets us out of our bodies and out of relationship with our bodies.

And, for a woman wanting to heal and come into greater harmony with your body and womb, one of the first key steps is to come into your body, to learn to live in your body.

We’re also currently living through a very important time in our history as humans where we’re being called to step into more evolved, elevated and holistic forms of leadership.

We’re especially being called to step into forms of leadership where we no longer leave our bodies behind, where we no longer strive for success at the expense of our bodies.

We’re being called into a leadership that is cognizant of the wellbeing of our bodies and that also prioritizes the wellbeing of those bodies. And so, it is not just mental health we need to talk about. We’re also needing to talk about and intentionally prioritize our body health as well.

The answer to sustainable growth and sustainable leadership is held within your body. She is the greatest Guide on how to sustainably tap into our resources, internally & externally, and individually & collectively.

We’re also at a very important point in our history where the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine principle in our world is reaching a beautifully critical mass point, and more women (and men) are being invited to embody more of this Feminine in our bodies and lives, to anchor Her in the world.

And a huge component of embodying the Feminine in your life, is to begin to live in your body as a woman, to learn to occupy her. To learn to feel what’s moving within & through her. To learn to feel & hear her wisdom.

And it is in learning to listen to the voice & wisdom of your body that you also awaken this Divine Feminine within you. She lives, in your body. And we only need to reconnect with & live within our bodies to reawaken her.

And, of course there are a number of factors that might make this challenging or not easily accessible.

Some of what might make it challenging for us to live fully in our bodies includes histories of pain & trauma, in varying degrees. Just as we might intuitively run away from places that cause us pain, we also run away from and exit bodies that might hold some degree of pain in them.

And it is for this reason that we’re also called to heal our personal & inner lives, our bodies & our wombs, so we may transmute this pain that hinders connection and so we may be able to hold more of the Light & the organic codes of the Divine Feminine.

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