On Cyclical Living, Business & Leadership

Cyclical Living & Cyclical Business mean that we alternate periods of doing with being, periods of action with rest. It means that we allow ourselves to ebb & flow, just as the life inside of us does.

And this is not to mimic nature, because we nature.

It is in our nature to ebb & flow.

For me, living and doing work in this way has required that I become super intentional about it and create a structure for it in my business, because I had been completely sold to doing work in ways that deplete my body and inner energy reserves, and I’d like to actively rewire that and lean into these new ways of doing work that have felt so deeply nourishing, sustaining and sustainable for me.

And some thing that’s been so interesting to see in all this is that: the more I allow myself to ebb & flow, the more I allow myself to take action & then pause for 3 days per month, the more I’m actually able to get done. and in ways that feel so deeply aligned, focused and organized.

It’s interesting because most of us were taught that the only way to get things done and move ahead in life is to work 24/7, 365 days a year. essentially without any rest. We even have a saying for it, that “rest is for the dead”. And I’m growing to believe that this is not necessarily the case for everyone.

There is another way.

Another thing that’s been interesting to notice has been that: the more I live more into my nature, the more my work & business have grown, financially and otherwise. And this has been super interesting to see because we’re mostly taught that to make money, you have to become a slave to your work and to the systems that be in this world.

And, this cyclical way of living and doing business have not been for the sake of doing more or making more money. For me, it’s about truly stepping into new ways of being that reflect who we truly are, in our nature. It’s been about living and doing business in ways that are truly healing for our planet, that bring a real change to the world. And I know this is one of them.

In slowing down and living more into our cyclical nature we disrupt (oh so gently and elegantly) the 24/7 ceaseless productivity & activity programming of our patriarchal world & its systems that have been so deeply wounding for many and for the planet.

There’s so much medicine in rest.

And, as I always say: it is BOTH. It is both rest & action. Both the Feminine & the Masculine. Both the yin & yang, in a sacred marriage.

And because our societal conditioning has so deeply programmed us to want to constantly be in the Yang energy of our lives & business, to constantly be in the doing, it can be hard to lean into these new ways of being. For me, I’ve needed to get support in the form of a Mentor & her group Mentorship Program.

And, just in case you might want to deeply explore this for your life, work and leadership, and possibly start living it, please know that this is something I also offer support for, in my Private Healing Program linked below.

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