Tumelo Moreri
About Tumelo

Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri; a Botswana-based Medicine Woman engaged in a body of work on Womb Medicine.

My spiritual mission is to help mostly women leaders, healers, artists and coaches in healing their womb wounds, activating their inner medicine, and accessing deeper intimacy and pleasure in their lives.

Through my work, I hold healing space for leaders, healers, artists and coaches seeking deeper intimacy and pleasure in their lives. And, the work is anchored in my training in leadership and alternative mentorship and training in African Spirituality, Ancestral & Cosmic Wisdom, Cosmic Womb Wisdom, Sacral Body Wisdom, Pleasure & Intimacy Work and Sacred Sexuality.

My offerings are through 1:1 once-off immersions and private 1:1 3-months mentoring.

My journey as a Medicine Woman started in 2011, when I got my first spiritual awakening, and became more formalized in 2019 when I started working full-time as a Medicine Woman and leaning more deeply into my spiritual path as a Healer.

Academically, I’ve graduated in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics and trained extensively in leadership. And, it was during these studies that I started getting very curious and concerned about our existence on Earth and eventually stepping more fully into my spiritual path and calling.

I’m founder of Tumelo Moreri International and Host of The Tumelo Moreri Podcast.

Some fun facts about me:  I’m a serial tea lover who deeply delights in afternoon naps and has been off meat for 7 years. I’ve been developing a keen interest in political thrillers and are looking forward to growing a herb garden soon.