Tumelo Moreri-min
About Tumelo

Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri, an Initiated Spiritual Healer & Womb Medicine Woman based in Botswana. Through my work, I help mostly women leaders to heal their core inner wounds and/or their core inner womb pains, and get to experience joy, pleasure, confidence & freedom in their bodies, lives & leadership.

I’m most excited to support women leaders & changemakers in becoming the best leaders & humans they can be (by doing their most needed personal healing work), and in making the impact they most desire for their communities, and in their efforts to create & build the world we most want for our collective human race.

Sitting at the intersection of leadership & psychospiritual healing, my work is anchored within my training in leadership & integrative coaching, and in alternative mentorship and training in African Spirituality, Womb Healing, Quantum Healing, Ancestral & Cosmic Wisdom, Cosmic Womb Wisdom, Sacral Body Healing, Pleasure & Intimacy Work and Sacred Sexuality.

Through my healing practice, I offer once-off healing immersions & a Private Healing Program for women seeking to heal and bring about deep transformation in their lives and leadership. I also offer consultancy work for leadership teams & organizations, with an interest in psycho-spiritual healing and/or womb medicine for leaders. And, I run a podcast, The Tumelo Moreri Podcast, which you may listen to for a deeper exploration of my work and offering for you who are ready to step Into your spiritual healing journey.

A devotional mystic & lifelong scholar of leadership, I’ve also graduated in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics from the University of the Free State and are a Mandela Rhodes Scholar – Class of 2014, and a Zanele Mbeki Fellow – Class of 2018/19.

You may read more on my work & sign up to work with me at this link: https://linktr.ee/tumelomoreri

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me somewhere in the shade of a tree enjoying a cup of tea, with my feet firmly placed on the Earth; or spending time with my nephews & niece, whom I adore very much; or just enjoying a deeply nourishing nap.

I look forward to connecting with you & holding space for your healing.