1:1 Coaching & Healing Immersion
Private Coaching
12-session package
Tumelo Moreri
Hey Beautiful,

This 1:1 Coaching & Healing Immersion is a 3-months one-on-one coaching and healing space for women and men leaders; for you to deeply explore your life; heal and step into expansion.

In this immersion, we will work closely together, in a private virtual space, over a 3-months period and through 12 weekly sessions to: deeply explore, heal and elevate your intimacy life; deeply dive into your sexuality and pleasure blueprints and explore and heal beliefs you might hold around intimacy, your body and pleasure and that might be keeping you from the deep intimacy, bliss and joy you desire for your life.

The intention of this immersion is for deep inner healing so you may begin to return to inner wholeness and to a deeply nourishing and sustaining intimacy. This immersion will become your place for deep self-reflection, deep self-intimacy, deep self-honouring and healing.

My greatest excitement is to support women and men who are navigating the journey of reconnecting with and reclaiming who they are; individuals who are committed to their inner healing and to living life on their terms.
This 1:1 Coaching & Healing Immersion is for you, if:
  • You yearn for freedom and expansion in your sexuality
  • You’d like to explore and deepen your own relationship with your sexuality.
  • You yearn for a deep and thoroughly nourishing & gratifying intimacy in your life.
  • You yearn for a deeper intimacy with your life, with yourself, with your body and with your partner.
  • You’re feeling frustrated, lonely or unfulfilled in your intimacy and pleasure
  • You just can’t seem to find the deep intimacy you desire and don’t know why
  • You’d like to deeply explore your sexuality
  • You’d like to deeply explore yourself, heal and elevate your life
  • You’d like to come into deeper intimacy with yourself and others
  • You’d to gain knowledge and grow to experience sacred sexuality and pleasure
  • You’d like to do the inner work of healing your intimacy and pleasure blueprints and beginning to draw into your life the intimacy you’ve always dreamed of.

My role is to hold space for you as you heal and do the inner work that will enable you to begin to create and manifest the life you desire for yourself. And, I will be holding space for you as you set intentions for the person you want to become, and begin work on the building blocks of these desires.

How this 1:1 coaching & healing immersion works:
The themes we’ll explore in this 3-months 1:1 Immersion include:
Theme 1: The Ancient Art of Self-Leadership
Self-Leadership is a state of being of conscious creation, leadership and direction of the events in one’s life. At the core of Self-Leadership lies a deep knowledge of self and the intentions and belief systems that govern one’s choices and life decisions.

And, in this module, we will explore who you are, and how past events may influence how you show up in your life today. We will deep dive into your life story and visit chapters in your life that may have remained buried and hidden for years, and that when brought to light may begin to heal and allow you a fuller and richer life. We will also endeavour to build daily habits that will enable you to build a deeper relationship with yourself and your dreams.

Theme 2: Deep Intimacy Work

In this part of our work together, we will deeply explore your Intimacy Blueprint – looking at how you show up for intimacy; some of the core beliefs that inform this and the primary socialization you received around intimacy. We will deeply explore your own desires around intimacy and do the inner healing work of reconstructing your core beliefs around intimacy and setting the stage for you to begin manifesting the intimacy you deeply desire; with yourself, with your body, with your work, with your life and with others.

Theme 3: Sacred Eros & Pleasure Work
In this part of our work together, we will deeply explore your sexuality and pleasure blueprint – i.e. the ways in which you create and have experienced your sexuality and pleasure and all that which informs this. We’ll be exploring the beliefs you hold around the erotic and pleasure, and how these might influence how you currently show up for and create your life. We will also be doing belief deconstruction work, for you to begin to experience your erotic and pleasure essence in ways that fully serve you and your highest life.

The practicalities of our 1:1 coaching & healing immersion:

  • We’re going to begin the work exactly where you are. Where you are is enough.
  • This package consists twelve 1-on-1 weekly sessions.
  • These are healing sessions and they will take place online, via Zoom
  • Each session is 3-hours long. And, we’ll meet at an agreed upon day and time.
  • I will be recommending reading material for you to visit in between sessions.
  • I will also be giving you assignments to explore and complete in between sessions.
  • And, you will have support and access to me via email/ WhatsApp/ Telegram in between sessions.
  • To begin the journey, sign-up at the button below and I’ll be in touch with further details.
  • Initial payment for this healing package is processed before the first session.
Investment for this 3-months Immersion is:
Paid in Full, OR $500 pm for 3 months, OR $250 pm for 6 months.
Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to be in Botswana to sign-up for this healing immersion?

No, you don’t have to be in Botswana for us to do this work together. All our sessions are going to be online, and this allows for you to sign-up and work with me from anywhere in the world.

Is there any preparatory work that I need to have done?

No, you don’t need do have done any preparatory work. We work with exactly where you are right now. Where you are is enough.

Do you have any payment options/ plans?

Yes, I do have a payment plan. The investment for this 1:1 Coaching & Healing Immersion is US$1500, and there are 3 ways in which you can pay this amount.

Option 1: you can pay the $1500 as a single once-off payment.
Option 2: you can pay $500 monthly, for 3 months.
Option 3: you can pay $250 monthly, for 6 months.

How do I make my payment?

You may process your payment either via Electronic Transfer (EFT) or via Pay-Pal.

When can we begin?

This Immersion is open for enrolment. I currently have space for only 2 people, and we will begin preparing for your first session once you’ve completed the sign-up form below.

Who this program is NOT for:

This 1:1 coaching and healing immersion is NOT for you, if:

  • You’re not yet ready or interested in healing or deeply interrogating your life
  • You’re not yet ready or interested in deeply transforming and elevating your life
  • You’re not yet ready to do the deep inner work of healing your life from the inside out
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or an easy way out of the current challenges in your life
  • You’re not yet prepared to face yourself and the truth of where your is currently at
  • You don’t want to learn or acquire knowledge on sacred sexuality, intimacy or pleasure.
Making payment for your journey of healing and expansion.
You will be invited to revisit this part of your registration process once you have fully signed-in and have received your invoice and other on-boarding documents, and if you choose to pay via PayPal.
Tumelo Moreri
Your Host & Guide,

Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri; a Medicine Woman & Coach, for women and men leaders seeking deep intimacy and pleasure in their lives and bodies.

I’m the owner of Tumelo Moreri International where I offer coaching programs for the inner healing and transformation of purpose-driven individuals like yourself. I’m also the creator and Host of The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show

I’m an avid student of leadership and spirituality. And, the breadth of my work sits at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, personal healing and personal reconciliation.

My work and calling as a Medicine Woman is on Sacral Body Wisdom. And, this means that I work a lot with the womb and with the energies of and around the womb. So, you can expect that we will be journeying quite deeply with your natural cycles as a woman; we will be doing tons of work together on sex, sexuality and pleasure; and, on deep intimacy and pleasure with your body and your womb, with your life, with your partner, and in your broader life.
You may also explore the breadth of my work and offerings at these links: https://linktr.ee/tumelomoreri