How to heal your Womb as a Woman Leader

A  free Masterclass hosted by Tumelo Moreri.

In this Masterclass, we deeply dive into and explore “How to heal your Womb as a Woman Leader”. Through this theme, we will explore:

  • What womb healing is, and what might necessitate womb healing (quite generally), and also specifically for you as a woman leader. i.e. why womb healing might be needed.
  • Our wombs as creation portals for our leadership, and how the transformed leadership we want for our world & communities will be born from our wombs, and the work of tending to our wombs & bodies.
  • How you may heal your womb: exploring different modalities for healing your womb and self-care practices you may incorporate into your day-to-day life to support the healing of your womb.
  • I will also be guiding you into a brief embodiment practice, of dropping into your body & womb, to connect with your body, be present with your womb and access the wisdom held within these powerful creation portals.

This teaching session is especially for you who might be looking to learn more about your womb & the consciousness of your womb; to heal your womb & any pain you might experience in your womb or that you might’ve sustained through your womb; to learn about the medicine of your womb and what it can do for your life & leadership; to connect with your womb & body and to the wisdom held within these creation portals; to learn about different modalities of healing your womb & possibly begin to step into the path of healing your womb. If this resonate with you, you may watch the Masterclass below.

Tumelo Moreri-min

Hi there! I am Tumelo Moreri, an Initiated Spiritual Healer, Womb Medicine Woman & Embodied Leadership Guide based in Botswana. Through my work, I help mostly women leaders to heal their core inner wounds and/or their core inner womb pains, and get to experience joy, pleasure, confidence & freedom in their bodies, lives & leadership.

I’m most excited to support leaders & change-makers in becoming the best leaders & humans they can be (by doing their most needed personal healing work), and in making the impact they most desire for their communities, and in their efforts to create & build the world we most want for our collective human race.

Sitting at the intersection of leadership & psycho-spiritual healing, my work is anchored within my training in leadership, integrative coaching & trauma-informed space holding, and anchored further in alternative mentorship and training in African Spirituality, Womb Healing, Quantum Healing, Ancestral & Cosmic Wisdom, Cosmic Womb Wisdom, Sacral Body Healing, Pleasure & Intimacy Work and Sacred Sexuality.

Through my healing practice, I offer once-off healing immersions & a Private Healing Program for women seeking to heal and bring about deep transformation in their lives and leadership. I also offer consultancy work for leadership teams & organizations, with an interest in psycho-spiritual healing and/or womb medicine for leaders. I also run a podcast, The Tumelo Moreri Podcast, which you may listen to for a deeper exploration of my work and offering for you who are ready to step Into your spiritual healing journey. You may read more of my profile here.