A Solocast on Faking Orgasms,
Marriage-Sex and Pornography
Episode 2 - The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show

This week’s episode on The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show is a Solocast, following on the conversation I had with Tonderai last week and where I’m going to be taking you just a bit deeper into some of the themes that came up in last week’s conversation.

In this episode, we begin the journey of exploring your own relationship with sex, sexuality and pleasure, as a woman or man of African descent. We further explore why women (and men) fake orgasms and hold space for you to explore what might be informing this in your own intimate relationships and encounters.

This solocast also sets the stage for us to begin deeply exploring where you’re at with pleasure, sexual and otherwise! You will be guided on reflecting your own notions around pleasure, whether sexual pleasure truly is a priority for you and whether you’re able to hold space for yourself while being deeply pleasured!

We also explore the socialization and cultural conditioning that might lead to sex changing once people get married, and I guide you on identifying some of this conditioning for you and within yourself! The intention here is for you to arrive at a state of sexual liberty where you’re able to show up for sex and pleasure with joy and freedom.

Finally, we also further explore the influence of porn in the sexual encounters of women and men. And, the invitation here is to begin to over-ride societal notions of what sex is ‘supposed’ to look like and about what pleasure is ‘supposed’ to taste and flow like!

This is also definitely one to listen to in a quiet space with a pen and journal so we may begin to go deeper on the journey of your sexual liberation! Click play to listen to this week’s episode and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.