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Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show!

The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show is a sacred space for weekly conversation and healing on sex, sexuality and pleasure for women and men leaders of African descent.

The podcast is part of my body of work on Sex, Sexuality and Pleasure. And, the intention of the body of work is the creation of healing spaces and programs for women and men leaders seeking to heal the socially and culturally-conditioned shame, embarrassment and guilt they personally hold around sex, pleasure and their bodies, and reclaim a liberated and erotic sexuality.

The podcast is a conversational and healing space – for you to listen in on the stories and experiences of other women and men and deeply explore yourself and your own beliefs around sex, sexuality and pleasure.

WHY this Podcast
on Sex, Sexuality and Pleasure!

Apart from just enjoying good conversation myself, there are a number of observations I’ve made while doing this work and that just necessitate a conversation/ dialogue.

Part of what’s emerging from the work is the fact of there being very little conversation between women and men about sex; about how they each are socialized into sex, sexuality and pleasure; and, about their fears around and about sex. Even in intimate relationships, very little real and transformative conversation is happening about sex.

And, the intention of the podcast is:

  • To create a safe space where we may just have conversation about sex, especially in a society where sex is a big taboo and where pleasure is often relegated to the margins of our existence.
  • To create space where we may deeply explore and interrogate our socialization and conditioning around sex, sexuality and pleasure and begin to liberate ourselves from some of the very limiting and limited beliefs of our society around sex.
  • To create space for an exchange between women and men about some of how they’ve been socialized into sex, sexuality and pleasure and also explore how a lack of such an exchange is playing out in intimate relationships.

And, the overarching intention of this work is for us as human beings to heal our relationship with sex, sexuality and pleasure and begin to create a new reality for ourselves and for the generations that will flow through us.

Podcast Episodes

This is a conversational and weekly podcast. Each week, I’ll be inviting and hosting a Guest with whom I’ll dive into chilled but critical conversation about their experiences and views around how we navigate the matters of sex, sexuality and pleasure in our society. And, we would love to have you joining us! Check out the episodes below.

The Podcast Host

Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri; a Medicine Woman & Coach, for you the woman leader seeking deep intimacy and pleasure in your life.

I’m the owner of Tumelo Moreri International where I offer coaching programs for the inner healing and transformation of purpose-driven individuals like yourself. And, I’m also the creator and Host of The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show

I’m an avid student of leadership and spirituality. And, the breadth of my work sits at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, personal healing and personal reconciliation.

Tumelo Moreri

My work and calling as a Medicine Woman is on Sacral Body Wisdom. And, this means that I work a lot with the womb and with the energies of and around the womb. So, you can expect that we will be journeying quite deeply with your natural cycles as a woman; we will be doing tons of work together on sex, sexuality and pleasure; and, on deep intimacy and pleasure with your body and your womb, with your life, with your partner, and in your broader life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or/and questions on the Podcast episodes or via email at hello@tumelomoreri.com (you are more than welcome to share questions that you’d like for me to ask our Guests!) You may also explore the breadth of my work and offerings at these links: https://linktr.ee/tumelomoreri