Sacred Intimacy & Pleasure Mastermind
A 3~months Group Coaching & Healing Program
Opening for registration on 8 February 2021
Tumelo Moreri
Hey Beautiful,

The Sacred Intimacy & Pleasure Mastermind is a 12-session group coaching and healing program for the woman who is ready to heal her inner wounds relating to her body, relating to intimacy in her life and relating to her sexuality.

This program is for you the woman leader who is ready to activate an exquisitely transcendental pleasure through your body and that overflows into all of your life; it is for you the woman who is ready to return a deeply nourishing and sustaining intimacy in your life, with all beings in your life and with yourself; it is for you the woman who is ready to embody a radical and expansive sexuality in yourself and in your life.

The intention of this program is for deep inner healing so you may begin to return to a deeply nourishing and satisfying intimacy and sexuality in your life. This immersion will become your place for deep self-reflection, deep self-intimacy, deep self-honouring, deep self-reclamation and healing.

How the Mastermind works
Our Flow
  • Every week, we’ll meet as a group of a few women to do our inner healing work.
  • We will begin this work exactly where you are. Where you are is enough.
  • This program consists nine weekly group sessions and three monthly private sessions.
  • These are coaching & healing sessions and they will take place online, via Zoom
  • Each session is 3-hours long. And, we’ll meet at an agreed upon day and time.
  • I might need to recommend reading material for you to visit in between sessions.
  • I might also need to give you assignments to explore and complete in between sessions.
  • And, you will have support and access to me via email/ WhatsApp/ Telegram in between sessions.
  • To begin the journey, sign-up at the button below and I’ll be in touch with further details to get you started.
Our Work
In this 3~months program, you’ll be deeply immersed in this work (and more):
Body Wisdom Work
In this theme of our healing and coaching work, you will get to deeply commune with and heal the relationship you have with your body. We’ll also explore the beliefs you hold around sex and pleasure, and especially around your body and how these beliefs and the relationship you’ve formed, as a result, have impacted how you show up for sex and intimacy. These beliefs might have been cemented within you while growing up as a little girl and from the teachings you might have got at the moment of your first menstrual experience.
Sacred Sexuality Work
In this part of our work together, we’ll deeply explore your sexuality and pleasure blueprint – i.e. the ways in which you create and have experienced your sexuality and pleasure and all that which informs this. We’ll be exploring the beliefs you hold around sex and pleasure, and these might be beliefs you adopted and a relationship you formed with sex while growing up, as a little girl, and beliefs you might have formed while moving through life as an adult and from the moment of your first sexual experience and other encounters.
You will also come face-to-face with the Goddess of Pleasure who holds keys to your inner most and deepest desires. The intention of this part of our work is to explore, without shame and with great abandon, the sexually pleasuring experiences you’d like to create for yourself while still on Earth. We’ll do the work of activating your Inner Erotic Goddess and your unique sex codes and setting the stage for you to go create sexual magic in your life!
Deep Intimacy Work
In this part of our work together, we will deeply explore your Intimacy Blueprint – looking at how you show up for intimacy and some of the core beliefs that inform this and the primary socialization you received around intimacy. We will deeply explore your own desires around intimacy and do the inner healing work of reconstructing your core beliefs around intimacy and setting the stage for you to begin manifesting the intimacy you deeply desire.

You’ll learn:

  • How to drop into a deeper intimacy and relationship with your body
  • How to tap into the vast potential and power that lays within your body
  • And thereby heal any shame that might be currently sitting in your body
  • How to better care for your body and how to listen to and honour its cues
  • That sex can actually be more than just a physical act, that it can be sacred
  • How sex and your sexuality can become a doorway for your growth and evolution
  • How to experience a deeply nourishing pleasure in your body, and even just by yourself
  • How to come into sacred intimacy with yourself, and have it overflow into your relationships
The Yummy Icing on the Cake
More of what to expect in the Mastermind
    • A beautiful Sisterhood Circle with within which you’ll journey
    • You will have the support of fellow Sisters who are also on their journey of healing
    • You’ll get to be witnessed by the Sisterhood as you move through your journey of healing and transformation
    • You’ll also get into a Listening Partnership with one of the Sisters for you to be deeply listened to and witnessed
My greatest excitement is to support women who are navigating the journey of reconnecting with and reclaiming who they are; women who are committed to their healing and to living life on their terms.
This Coaching & Healing Immersion is for you if you resonate with any of the following:
  • You yearn for freedom and expansion in your sexuality
  • You’d like to explore and deepen your own relationship with your sexuality.
  • You yearn for a deep and thoroughly nourishing & gratifying intimacy in your life.
  • You yearn for a deeper intimacy with your life, with yourself, with your body and with your partner.
  • You struggle to orgasm
  • You sometimes fake orgasms
  • You struggle to tell your partner when you have not orgasm-ed
  • You’re afraid, ashamed and embarrassed to talk about sex
  • You’re deeply uncomfortable talking about sex, with your partner
  • You struggle and are embarrassed to ask for what you want in bed
  • You don’t know the ways in which you would like to be pleasured (your desire-points)
  • You’re deeply uncomfortable in and with your body
  • You’re ashamed of your body and want to hide it, even from your partner
  • You’re ashamed and too embarrassed to take off your clothes in front of your partner
  • You worry so much about your body that you are not able to concentrate during sex
  • You’d like to, but are not able to self-pleasure
  • You sometimes feel guilty for loving and wanting sex so much!
  • You sometimes feel guilty after sex or after self-pleasuring.
… and you want to heal and transcend these inner limiting blocks, and reclaim a full-bodied and pleasuring intimacy and sexuality!
My role is to hold space for you as you heal and do the inner work that will enable you to create and manifest the life you desire for yourself. I will be holding space for you to set intentions for the person you want to become, and begin work on the building blocks of these desires.
Sign-up and begin your journey of healing and expansion!

The Lessons and Live Sessions:

This is a twelve week online group coaching program, with weekly live 3 hour sessions. Along with the live sessions listed below you will also have access to private online community where you can connect in real time with like-minded women who are also on their own healing journey.

Community Support Group

When you join the course, you’ll be invited to join our private online community – guided by myself, Tumelo Moreri – where you can connect in real time with like-minded women who are also on their own healing journey.

Investment for this 3-months program is:
US$ 777
Payment plan: $259 x 3 months OR $129.5 x 6 months
Most frequent questions and answers

What if I can’t join the sessions live?

For those who can’t join live, all sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience

How long are the live sessions? Will replays be available?

The 9 weekly group sessions are 3 hours long, and I’ll send you a recording afterwards.

What does the Sacred Intimacy & Pleasure Mastermind include?

The Mastermind includes access to:

  • 9 weekly 3~hour group sessions
  • 3 monthly 3~hour private sessions
  • A private online community you can access at any time

Do I have to be in Botswana to sign-up for this coaching & healing program?

No, you don’t have to be in Botswana for us to do this work together. All our sessions are going to be online, and this allows for you to sign-up and work with me from anywhere in the world.

Is there any preparatory work that I need to have done?

No, you don’t need do have done any preparatory work. We work with exactly where you are right now.

Is this coaching & healing program only for women?

Yes, this Mastermind is only for women. As a man, you may sign up for my private coaching & healing immersion here:

Do you have any payment options/ plans?

Yes, I do have a payment plan. The investment for this Group Coaching & Healing Program is US$777, and there are 3 ways in which you can pay this amount.

Option 1: you can pay the $777 as a single once-off payment.
Option 2: you can pay $259 monthly, for 3 months.
Option 3: you can pay $129.5 monthly, for 6 months.
The first payment is processed before the first session.
When do we begin?

This program is currently closed for enrolment, and opening again on 8th February 2021. Join the waiting list at button below.

Sign-up and begin your journey of healing and expansion!
Tumelo Moreri
Your Instructor

Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri; a Medicine Woman & Coach, for mostly women leaders seeking deep intimacy and pleasure in their lives.

I’m the owner of Tumelo Moreri International where I offer coaching programs for the inner healing and transformation of purpose-driven individuals like yourself. And, I’m also the creator and Host of The Tumelo Moreri Podcast Show

I’m an avid student of leadership and spirituality. And, the breadth of my work sits at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, personal healing and personal reconciliation.

My work and calling as a Medicine Woman is on Sacral Body Wisdom. And, this means that I work a lot with the womb and with the energies of and around the womb. So, you can expect that we will be journeying quite deeply with your natural cycles as a woman; we will be doing tons of work together on sex, sexuality and pleasure; and, on deep intimacy and pleasure with your body and your womb, with your life, with your partner, and in your broader life.
You may also explore the breadth of my work and offerings at these links: