Sacred One, welcome.

This Sacred Leadership Immersion is a 12-week one-on-one coaching and healing space for purpose-driven women; for deep reflection, self-interrogation and healing; for you to re-connect, re-member and re-know yourself, your deep desires and your dreams. It is a space for deep self-intimacy, self-honouring and self-reclamation; a time for renewal, expansion and healing.

The Immersion is a space for you to get very clear on what you desire for your life and build habits that will support your growth and expansion. This is a space to get very intimate with your body, and tap into the ancient wisdom of your natural cycles, thus becoming firmly nourished, deeply rooted and supported, and at home within yourself.

The intention is for you to re-connect with yourself, your body and your dreams in a manner that fuels your passions and leadership; and invoke and reconnect you with your spirit of creativity that will enable you to begin to create a life of your deepest and highest desires.

How it works

  • Our work together will comprise 12 1-on-1 weekly online sessions via Zoom
  • Each of our sessions will be 3-hours long, at an agreed upon day and time.
  • Regular assignments and readings between sessions.
  • Journaling prompts for deeper self-introspection.
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My Dear Sacred Sister,
Are you a woman who seeks to author her own life?
  • A woman who wants to exert, initiate and move on her own behalf?
  • A woman who wishes to return to herself and reclaim her voice?
  • A woman who seeks to surrender only to her truest self and wisest voice?
  • A woman who seeks to design a personal spirituality to inform and work for her daily life?
If you have answered “yes” to several of the questions above, then I invite you to take a deep-nourishing breath, sit in a comfortable corner, and read further.

My greatest excitement is to support women who are navigating the journey of reconnecting with and reclaiming who they truly are; women who are committed to their healing and who are committed to living life with intention, meaning and purpose while developing a deeper relationship with themselves.

I would love to work with you if:

  • You seek to create and live life on your terms
  • You seek to live life in a deeply meaningful and fulfilling way
  • You seek to rediscover, reconnect with and build your sacred dreams
  • You seek deeper connection with yourself, your life and deeply held desires
  • You are committed to doing to inner healing work that will support your dreams
  • You seek to impact the world in meaningful ways that are aligned with your gifts and desires
  • You wish to engage and bring all of yourself in your work, leaving nothing of yourself behind.

It would be an absolute honor to work with you if;

  • You seek fulfillment and joy in your life and chosen work path
  • You seek to awaken your true and innate sacred feminine powers
  • You seek to deepen and nourish your spiritual understanding and practice
  • You are woman who wants to enjoy the pleasure of her body and its inner wisdom
  • A woman who wishes to fall in love with her body and her sexuality
  • A woman who wishes to know that her body is enough, just as it is
  • And to celebrate its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource
  • A woman who wishes to know that she is enough, just as she is

My role is to hold space for you to heal and do the inner work that will enable you to create the life you desire for yourself. I will also be holding space for you to set intentions for the life of your dreams, and begin work on the building blocks of this life.

How will this Work?
Module 1: The Ancient Art of Self-Leadership
Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4

Self-Leadership is a state of being of consciously creating, leading and directing events of one’s life. At the core of Self-Leadership lies a deep knowledge of self and the intentions and belief systems that govern one’s life choices and decisions.

In this module, we will explore who you are, and how past events may influence how you show up in your life today. We will deep dive into your life story and visit chapters in your life that may have remained buried and hidden for years, and that when brought to light may begin to heal and allow you a fuller and richer life. We will also endeavour to build daily habits that will enable you to build a deeper relationship with yourself and your dreams.

Module 2: Creating Consciously & Living Intentionally
Session 5
Who we are today and what our lives look like, is informed by the conscious and unconscious beliefs about life – about what’s possible and not possible for us. Sometimes these beliefs are inhibiting and therefore keep us from our desired lives. And, if they go unchecked, they then silently rule our lives in trajectories we don’t desire for ourselves.
In this module, we will interrogate some of your deeply held beliefs about what’s possible for you and your life. We will sit with, question and scrutinize the beliefs you hold around work/career, relationships and money, determine whether these are taking you towards your highest dreams and seek to heal and form new beliefs that will support your growth and desires.
Module 3: Reawakening & Reclaiming Sacred Feminine Leadership
Sessions 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • Body Wisdom & Healing
  • Sexuality, Sensuality and Sacral Wisdom & Healing
  • Menarche Clearing & Sacral Chakra Activation

For millennia, women have internalized society’s messaging of their bodies being something to be ashamed of and hidden. This suppression of the Divine Feminine cuts us off from our body wisdom, our intuition and therefore from our voices, sacred callings and leadership.

And, the intention of this module is for us to learn and begin to tap into the ancient wisdom on the workings of our woman bodies and activate this wisdom, because it lays dormant and unused for many women in our society. We want to activate this powerful wisdom and begin to lean on it for the creation of lives that excite and fulfil us.

The intention of this module is to reconnect you with your body and heal inner woundings that might exist around the womb area and that are associated with misinformation on the workings of our bodies and specifically on menstruation and our cycles. The intention is also to heal and activate this Sacral energetic centre so you may begin to experience pleasure in your life, and be connected to yourself and your dreams.

Module 4: Reclaiming your Sacred Dreams
Sessions 10 and 11

It is my deepest belief that we are each born with a specific purpose, a mission, a sacred task to perform in this life time. And, this purpose is deeply coded within our sacred desires, longings, heart aches and gifts. And, we want to fan to life this calling such that it may anchor and fuel your leadership and passions.

And, in this module, we want to journey deep within and intimately reconnect with, retrieve and revive old dreams, and uncover longings that may have lay dormant, hidden and neglected with the many years of life’s mounting pressures and demands. It is time to fan these flames back to life! It is time to begin dreaming new dreams, retrieve long forgotten dreams and go fetch our lives!

Session 12: Self-Ceremony and Closure

We close this Immersion journey with a ceremony of self-honouring and self-celebration, and recognition of how far we have come in our journey as women who seek growth and expansion, for ourselves and those we love. And, we want to cement this as a new normal in our journey of building more nourishing relationships with ourselves.

Your investment for this 3-months 1:1 Coaching is
US$ 1500
Payment plan is available.
Most frequent questions and answers

Is this program for a specific type of person?

Yes, this is for you if you are ready to deeply interrogate your life, heal and begin to build the life of your dreams.

Do I need to be in Botswana to enroll for this Immersion?

No. Since our work will be through online sessions, you can enroll for this Immersion from anywhere in the world.

How will the Immersion work like exactly?

Our 1:1 calls will happen in a private video platform on a specific day and time that we will agree upon. You have to commit to show up for each call every week.

Will our sessions be in-person or online?

Our sessions will take place online, via a private video platform called Zoom.

Is this coaching program only for women?

No. While the core design of the program is for women, the content is also applicable and can be modified for a male client. Please also note that our healing/ coaching journey will greatly be guided by your needs, and this applies to you too if you are a man wanting to enroll for this program.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, there are three payment options for this Mastermind.

Option 1: you can enroll and pay a once-off $1500.
Option 2: you can enroll and pay $500 per month for 3 months.
Option 3: you can enroll and pay $250 per month for 6 months.

When can we begin?

This Immersion is currently open for enrollment.

I am ready for my healing and expansion path!