Erotic Sexuality Healing Immersion
1:1 Private Coaching
2 hours package
Tumelo Moreri

The intention of this Erotic Sexuality healing immersion is to begin to explore and heal your relationship with sex, your body, your sexuality and pleasure.

In the session, we’ll attend to the challenges, struggles and frustrations you’re currently experiencing in you sex life and also begin to explore some of the desires and aspirations you have for your sex life.

We’ll sit together for 2-hours and explore what’s currently unfolding in your sex life, and begin to heal the limiting beliefs you might hold around sex, your sexuality, your body and pleasure. The intention is for you to begin to re-connect with yourself, your body and your desires, while on a journey to reclaiming a liberated and erotic sexuality.

How it works

  • This is a once-off single session.
  • The session will take place online, via Zoom
  • The session is 2-hours long. And, we will meet at an agreed upon day and time.
  • Please sign-up below and I’ll be in touch with further details.
  • Payment for the session is processed before the session.

Investment: US$88

My greatest excitement is to support women who are navigating the journey of reconnecting with and reclaiming who they are; women who are committed to their healing and to living life on their terms.
This Erotic Sexuality healing immersion is for you if:
  • You struggle to orgasm
  • You sometimes fake orgasms
  • You struggle to tell your partner when you have not orgasm-ed
  • You are afraid, ashamed and embarrassed to talk about sex
  • You are deeply uncomfortable talking about sex, with your partner
  • You are deeply uncomfortable talking about sex, in your home
  • You struggle and are embarrassed to ask for what you want in bed
  • You don’t know the ways in which you would like to be pleasured (your desire-points)
  • You are deeply uncomfortable with your body
  • You are ashamed of your body and want to hide it, even from your partner
  • You are ashamed and too embarrassed to take off your clothes in front of your partner
  • You worry so much about your body that you are not able to concentrate during sex
  • You would like to, but are not able to self-pleasure
  • You sometimes feel guilty for loving and wanting sex so much!
  • You sometimes feel guilty after sex or after self-pleasuring.
… and you want to heal and transcend your inner limiting blocks, and reclaim a full-bodied and erotic sexuality!
Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to be in Botswana to sign-up for this session?

No. Our online sessions allow for you to sign up from anywhere in the world.

Is this healing immersion only for women?

No. Men can also sign-up for this immersion, because your coaching and healing journey will be greatly informed and guided by your needs and where you’re at.

Is there any preparatory work that I need to have done?

No. We work with exactly where you are right now. Where you are is enough.

What if I need more than one session?

You may sign-up for my 4-session package at:

When can we begin?

Sign-up now and book the next available session.