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Tumelo Moreri
Spiritual Healer | Womb Medicine Woman | Embodied Leadership Guide

This year (2023 and going into 2024) my work is devoted to women who feel called to leadership, either in their personal lives, their lineage, or in the world around us. These are the women who feel called to bringing about a sustainable & long-lasting change in their lives or in the world around them and are committed to doing the inner healing work required to bring about such a transformation.

These women are also ready to step into a leadership of themselves and/or of others that is deeply embodied & integrated – a New Earth Leadership.

They are:

  • the Self-healers
  • the Legacy Weavers of their lineages &
  • the Changemakers of their communities.

And on their path of healing & embodying the changes they want to see in their lives, their families and in the world, they are the New Earth Leaders of our world.

Does this sound like you?

Then what you seek awaits you… below.

PS: For further reading on Leadership & Women committed to healing their lives, read this article.


Through my work as a Spiritual Healer & Womb Medicine Woman, I support New Earth Leaders seeking to heal the pain & trauma they’ve sustained in their lives and that might also be held & manifest in their wombs. My work encompasses Womb Medicine work, Psycho-spiritual Healing & Leadership Medicine/ Alchemy.


Womb Medicine work includes:

  • Womb Healing & Clearing
  • Body Healing & Clearing
  • Intimacy Healing
  • Sexual Healing
  • Womb Medicine Activations.

The womb healing & clearing process becomes necessary in the case where you might’ve experienced a miscarriage, an abortion, a stillbirth or the loss of an infant child; where you might experience menstrual cycle issues such as heavy bleeding, severe period pains, prolonged or very long periods, pain and/or bleeding during intercourse, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, pelvic pain, severe pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) or PMDD (Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, a more severe form of PMS); or where you might’ve developed cysts, fibroids or endometriosis.

With womb pain, we also want to arrive at this work with the understanding that; while our society might’ve normalized such pain experienced by women, it is actually not normal for you to experience pain in your womb. We also want to step into this work with the appreciation that; it is actually very possible for you to heal your pain and return to being yourself again, through healing work such as what I offer here.

Sexual Healing (which includes Womb Healing) becomes necessary when you might have experienced a sexual violation or trauma in your life. This could have happened while you were still a child, or when you were already an adult. And such trauma might have been a rape, a molestation, or even a rape within your marriage. Healing for sexual trauma may be accessed in a once-off Quantum Repatterning session, or more holistically through my Private Healing Program over a 3-months or 6-months period.

Intimacy Healing (with might include Sexual Healing & Womb Healing) becomes necessary in addressing problems you might experience in your intimate relationships, which might include issues around finding a partner or a long-term relationship, getting to experience the deep intimacy/ connection you desire in an already existing relationship or healing during and/or after a divorce.

Some of the wounds we might find when doing intimacy healing work might be sexual in nature, and therefore requiring sexual healing & womb healing.

Body Healing & Clearing work becomes necessary when the imprint and residue of the traumatic event you might’ve experienced is held within your body, and might manifest as shame around your body or weight gain related to the trauma. The residue/ imprint of the trauma that’s held within your body might also impact how you show up in your intimate and/or sexual relations. This healing work might include healing the beliefs, vows, or stories you might’ve formed in the face of a traumatic event, and it might also be in the form of healing your relationship with your body given your own individual and/or bloodline experiences.

Healing in any one of the areas listed here may be accessed in a once-off Quantum Repatterning session, or more holistically through my Private Healing Program over a 3-months or 6-months period.


And, because the various forms of wounding listed above don’t happen in isolation, we might also need to offer supportive psycho-spiritual healing such as:

  • Mother Wound Healing
  • Father Wound Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Inner Teen Healing
  • Other challenges in your life not listed here.

And these are typically offered more in-depth in my private healing program.

In psycho-spiritual healing work, we also tackle more generally any challenge you might be facing in your life and that you might need to heal. These challenges are something I can hold space for you in moving through as a Spiritual Healer & Medicine Woman.


This work becomes necessary in the case where you might need to heal any leadership pains you might be facing in your life and where you serve. These leadership pains include: various forms of womb pain (as outlined in the womb medicine section above); anxiety & overwhelm in your work & life, work; exhaustion, burnout, chronic fatigue, overworking; feeling depleted; having very little to no support in your life & work; Impostor Syndrome and self-doubt; being afraid of success; lack of intimacy in your life; lack of pleasure in your life (i.e. being all about work, and no play); being disconnected from your body or grinding at the expense of your body.

This work also becomes necessary when you’re seeking to do the inner work of stepping more into your sovereign authority and/or radical self-leadership.

Leadership Medicine & Alchemy work is typically offered in a once-off Healing Session and more in-depth in my private healing program.


Book here a once-off Quantum Repatterning healing session. In the session, we will devote attention to healing, transmuting & integrating the pain & trauma you seek heal around the area you’d like to focus on. The areas of healing & focus are as outlined above.

During our session: we will begin the session with a detailed consultation of what you’d like to heal, then I’ll do an intuitive reading of your energetic field for us to determine where the pain of what you seek to heal is held within your body, and then we’ll proceed into the Quantum healing process itself. You will also walk away from the session with recommendations of any further healing work you might need to do & focus attention on.

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Apply here to work with me in my Private Healing Program. Through this program, we will work deeply together for a period of 3-months or 6-months, with weekly healing sessions. We will devote our attention to healing, transmuting & integrating the pain & trauma you hold around the area or areas you most want to heal.

We will begin our work together with a complimentary Discovery Session where we’ll do a detailed consultation around what you want to heal, which can be just one area or multiple areas. I’ll then also do a energetic reading of your field for wisdom around where the pain you seek to heal might be held in your body & the healing work that will be needed for that. We’ll walk away from this session with a roadmap of the work we’ll need to focus on over our healing time together.

And, depending on what you need to heal, we might need to start your journey of healing with a 1-week food cleanse where I will share with you what foods to eat to aid your healing process.


Hello! I am Tumelo Moreri, an Initiated Spiritual Healer, Womb Medicine Woman & Embodied Leadership Guide based in Botswana. Through my work, I help mostly women leaders to heal their core inner wounds and/or their core inner womb pains, and get to experience joy, pleasure, confidence & freedom in their bodies, lives & leadership.

I’m most excited to support women leaders & changemakers in becoming the best leaders & humans they can be (by doing their most needed personal healing work), and in making the impact they most desire for their communities, and in their efforts to create & build the world we most want for our collective human race.

Sitting at the intersection of leadership & psycho-spiritual healing, my work is anchored within my training in leadership & integrative coaching, and in alternative mentorship and training in African Spirituality, Womb Healing, Quantum Healing, Ancestral & Cosmic Wisdom, Cosmic Womb Wisdom, Sacral Body Healing, Pleasure & Intimacy Work and Sacred Sexuality.