Conscious Pregnancy & Healing for your Womb
Monalisa Sam - 1
Monalisa Sam – South Africa
Healer, Doula, Executive & Speaker
Episode 2 – Conscious Pregnancy & Healing for your Womb

Monalisa is a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Healer, Doula, Executive and Speaker.

The birth of Monalisa’s daughter, Philasande, in 2018 gave birth to a focused healing and solving for the education around the lack support of new mothers. She is co-founder of a Mother Wellness Company – OoMamma, founded by three Doulas who are dedicated to the nurturing, nourishing and support of mothers during the most vulnerable times of motherhood.

Her expressions and service of healing work is also housed in Phila Wellness Emporium which is an offering of varied content, services, experiences and products dedicated to inspire, educate and encourage the wellbeing and wholeness of women.

Follow Monalisa’s work on Instagram @oomamma

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