Healing your Body through Food, Herbs & Dance
Serayah Israel-min
Serayah Israel – USA
Priestess, Sacred Holistic Medicine Woman, Herbalist
Episode 1 – Healing the Womb through Dance, Food & Herbs

Serayah Israel is a Priestess, Sacred Holistic Medicine Woman, Herbalist, Iridologist & Kinesiologist teaching women how to balance the feminine /masculine energy within self as well as how to cultivate feminine youthful energy to reverse the aging process.

A known leader and wellness expert in her field, Serayah is an energetic and bubbly wife and mom of 9, and is a passionate health consultant & creative artist who shares her passion for living a holistic lifestyle using natural remedies & eating for optimal wellbeing to assist in dancing through life’s many lessons. She also teaches Belly Dance Fitness and Womb Yoga /Dance 108 poses for womb restoration & rejuvenation with the world.

Serayah facilitates indoor and outdoor wellness retreats, Crystal/Gemstone classes, Nature Has a Remedy for Wellness Workshops, Wellness Expo’s, Soul Oasis Soul Sweats, Global Sacred Women Rites of Passage Ceremonies, Goddess Bootcamps, 21 Day Cleanses /detox programs, Magical Moon Manifestation Courses, Sound Bowl Healing Meditations, Tea Parties, Reggae Belly dance parties. She has led The Cincinnati Shimmy Mob, taught at the YMCA, & Diana Lynn School of Dance and so much more! Serayah offers individual & group dance fitness /womb yoga classes, wellness courses, as well as one on one Holistic Wellness Coaching.

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