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Please find below my collection of workbooks on Womb Medicine & Womb Healing. Each workbook offers an opportunity for you to deeply explore and unpack a specific theme of womb medicine and how it might show up in your own life.

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Download a PDF guide on
“Healing your Relationship with your Body.”
An introduction to connecting with & healing your body.
Let's talk about sex
Download a PDF conversation on
“Let’s talk about Sex, Sexuality and Pleasure.”
An introductory note to kick start this conversation!
do you sometimes fake an orgasm
Download a PDF workbook on
“Do you sometimes fake an orgasm?”
Exploring your beliefs on sex and pleasure.
relationship with your vagina
Download a PDF workbook on
“Do you have a relationship
with your vagina?”
Exploring the beliefs you hold about your woman body.
books on sex, sexuality and pleasure
Download a PDF document with
“Books on Sex, Sexuality and Pleasure”
Deepening your journey on sex, sexuality and pleasure.