Healing as a Path of Leadership

As we explored in a LIVE class I recently hosted; the path of healing is a path of self-leadership, and ultimately one of leadership. 

It is a path that requires you to become very intentional about your life and how you create it – identifying areas of your life that are working and those that aren’t satisfying for you and making the necessary decisions for transformation & healing. 

It is a path that requires you to face yourself and deeply interrogate your life; something that requires deep courage and not a road travelled by many. 

It is also a path that will require you to go to the places that many around you, including your family, haven’t gone before. In essence, you might just be the first in your family or lineage to make the brave decision to heal and change the lived experiences of your family and lineage. And, this is leadership. 

It is also a path that will see you healing your DNA and that of your lineage. As you heal, you will deeply transmute the trauma and miasma of your lineage and thus lead your family into new timelines. And, this is definitely one of the highest forms of leadership. 

And, quite important, healing is a path of leadership because as you heal, you help anchor into our world new codes that’ll bring about new ways of being on our planet and usher in much more elevated and expanded lived experiences.

As you heal, and as you transmute your own trauma and miasma, you help transmute the trauma of our world and help bring about the changes we’ve been yearning for, across the board. As you raise your own consciousness, you help raise the consciousness of our world and help us return the Universal Logos of Love, Unity, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance etc. 

And, as I shared in one of my Instagram Stories, this class was an initiation for me, and a culmination of some internal work I’ve been moving through with regards to my place in this world as a leader and as a Medicine Woman. And, something that stands so true for me, following this class, is that; healing is indeed one of the highest forms of leadership that we’re right now being called to, to support the deep changes currently unfolding in our world. 

And, as you read this, I encourage you to deeply reflect on your life and on the following prompts: 

1. What’s working in your life? What are the areas in your life that are thriving and bringing you joy? We want to deeply celebrate these. 

2. What’s ‘not working’ in your life? What are the areas in your life that feel contracted and unhappy? What do you feel called to heal? 

3. What new choices could you make today with regards to transforming the areas in your life that feel to not be working? 

4. What forms of support do you need? Either from yourself or others. 

And, if you’re reading this and feeling yourself called to step into your own leadership and ready to heal your life, I invite you to book a private healing session with me today. I am here for you, and it would be an honour to hold space for you as you heal and step into the next level of your life. 

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