Healing with Intention & Self-Leadership

As part of a teaching series I’ve been hosting on my Facebook Page, I recently led a session on “The Evolution of Healing Work”. And, on this article, I offer you some of my reflections following the session and journaling prompts to guide you deeper in your own journey of self discovery and inner healing.

As shared in the session; the healing I’ll be inviting you to in this space is one that is highly intentional and holding at its core your own inner authority and self leadership.

It is a healing that will call you to be very intentional about your life, and make choices and decisions about transforming the parts of your life that don’t bring you joy or that aren’t satisfactory for you.

I’ll constantly be inviting you to a healing that’s not left to chance, and ways of being that are deeply rooted in you taking very bold charge and authority of your life.

A healing where you’re an active participant of the transformative work that’s needed in your life and where you actually DECIDE, that you’re going to take a particular step in your life. And where there’s a recognition that such decision making can only when you do the necessary + deliberate reflective and internal work of identifying what you desire and what needs healing, and taking the necessary action, even when scared.

I’ll be inviting you to a healing where you bring radical commitment into the inner work that’s needed to bring about the transformation you desire for your life; a commitment that also flows from an understanding that this isn’t a quick fix; that this will not always be easy, and won’t yield results overnight, but that it will all be worth it.

I will also be inviting you to a healing where you recognize your healing as a radical act of leadership, for your own personal life, for your lineage, and for our world. Because, as you heal, you help heal the DNA of your bloodline, and you help anchor into our world radically news ways of being for our race.

This is the healing I’ll constantly be inviting you into in this space.

And, as shared in our LIVE class, I’d like to invite you to do a reflective exercise of your life. This will be a start, and we’ll take this into our work going forward:

1. Please do a mini-audit of your life. Pull out a pen and some paper and write out what you feel to be working and what you feel to not be working in or with your life.

Usual categories might include money/ wealth, intimacy/ relationships, career/ soul mission or purpose work etc. Please add more categories as you feel called.

2. What do you desire for your life or for yourself? Write out a list of all your desires, and then please create a separate desire list for intimacy/ relationships.

3. As far as you know, what might be keeping these desires from happening?

And, what are the patterns you can identify within you family or bloodline, for the thing you desire (money, intimacy, career etc)? What’s been the experience within your family line around what you desire?

4. As far as you know, what is it that might need to be healed or transformed for these desires to take root in your life?

5. And, what support do you need? Either from yourself or others.

If you’re feeling called to share what’s come up for you, please feel free to drop a comment below or text me on WhatsApp here.

And, if you’re feeling called to begin the work of healing your life and body, then I invite you to book a private 2-hour Healing Session with me here.