Podcast Episode 28: Understanding your Inner Seasons as a Woman

In this podcast episode, I offer an introduction to the Inner Seasons of your body as a woman, as part of the medicine in re-awakening the Conscious Feminine in your body & life, and in how you do work, business & leadership.

We begin the conversation by deeply diving into the context for this specific body of work, and then also exploring what the Inner Seasons are, how to work WITH them, and how they can serve your life.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How working WITH your Inner Seasons can aid in re-awakening the Conscious Feminine in your body, life & leadership.
  • What it is that informs & necessitates the re-awakening of the Divine/ Conscious Feminine in our world, especially during these unprecedented times in our history.
  • How & why working WITH your body is a potent medicine & antidote for the consciousness of patriarchy that dominantly permeates most of our world’s systems and that has suppressed the feminine essence of our world & of our humanity for millenia.
  • The ways in which the patriarchal systems in our world might be wounding for you, and where to begin in healing your body & life.
  • An introduction to the 4 Inner Seasons of your woman body; what they are; and, how these can serve you in your life & leadership.
  • Some of the opportunities that lay on the other side of us embracing our cyclical nature as women, and also possibly allowing space for it in our broader lives & and in our workplaces.

Listen to this (and more), and let’s journey further in your path of inner healing & expansion.