Podcast Episode 29: Inner Seasons II – Navigating Inner Autumn

In this 2nd part of our podcast mini-series, we explore one of the 4 Inner Seasons of your body as a woman – Inner Autumn (premenstruum) and mostly known as “PMS” in the mainstream.

In the episode, we unpack the inner landscape of Inner Autumn and explore the sacred tasks & initiations of this inner season; the sacred invitations you can lean into to support yourself & your body during this inner season; and, the gifts that are accessible to you through this inner season.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why Inner Autumn (premenstruum) might be a season characterized by inner turbulence & an inner dis-harmony and how to navigate this and support yourself & your body better.
  • Learn about some of the sacred tasks, sacred invitations & initiations you might be called into in Inner Autumn and how to lean into and surrender to these.
  • Learn about the challenges that might emerge as a result of living in a non-cyclical world as a cyclical being & how to navigate these.
  • Learn how to work with your Inner Critic to identify the areas in your life that require attention, further development, or readjustment in aligning to your highest desires & purpose.
  • Learn some practical outer actions you can take to support yourself during the season & to harness the inner power accessible to you through Inner Autumn.
  • Begin to learn how to sync your life, work & leadership with the ebb & flow of energy within & across your cycle such that you’re better resourced and feel nourished, supported & grounded.

Listen to this (and more), and let’s journey further in your path of inner healing & expansion.