Podcast Episode 31: Inner Seasons IV – The New Life of Inner Spring

In this podcast episode, which is Part 4 of our mini-series on the Inner Seasons of your woman body, we explore the inner landscape & architecture of your Inner Spring, also known as the Pre-ovulatory or Follicular phase.

In the episode, we also unpack the sacred invitations & tasks you might be called into in this inner season; the initiatory challenges that might emerge; and, how to sync the understanding of the inner season with all of your life, your work, business & leadership.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How to navigate & hold space for the surge of energy & new life that emerge in Inner Spring. Essentially, what to do with that rising energy & life.
  • How to move through the initiatory challenges that might emerge, and how to reorient your way of doing life such that you can feel replenished & nourished throughout your cycle.
  • The single most important sacred task to step into while in your Inner Spring, for the advancement & manifestation of your highest life & highest desires.
  • Some of the outer actions you can take to fully leverage the “new life” energy of this season, and how to incorporate this wisdom in your life & how you show up for work, business & leadership.
  • How working with your Inner Seasons, month after month, can serve as potent medicine in restoring your trust in your body.
  • If you’re a Coach or Healer; how you can align your launch processes & other external activities of your work with your Inner Seasons. Essentially, how to launch with your Inner Seasons.

Listen to this (and more), and let’s journey further in your path of inner healing & expansion.