Musings on Slow Living & Slow Business

I’ve been moving through quite a bit in my life these past few months, starting late 2022.

And, some of what I’ve been deeply contemplating and living into has been what I consider my organic pace as I move through the world, and as I create my life & offer this work (at least in this season of my life, because things change).

I’ve been experimenting with the theme of slow movement, which has in it themes of “slow living” & “slow business”. Slow living is actually something I’ve always wanted for myself, although I didn’t have access to this language when I was younger, to phrase it as I have now. And, living my life slowly has probably been the deepest and most exquisite intimacy I’ve ever experienced.

When I’ve allowed myself to live life slowly, I’ve experienced such spaciousness in my life, and a luscious & exquisite intimacy with all of life. It’s all such a very beautiful experience.

However, this has required quite some significant de-conditioning & inner work to rewire what I got taught life was supposed to look like for me. As I’ve slowed down, I’ve also felt my nervous system deeply unwind and begin to heal from decades of being told I should rush around in the world. Even the initial years of creating my business were ruled by this very fast pace, which always felt deeply unpleasant for me, and also resulted in resentment (for my work) and burn out.

But, we’re in a much better space now.

And, a very interesting thing to think about has been this notion of “slow business”. What does it look like when I allow myself to create & build my business at my own pace?

For me, “slow movement” is one of my core values. And I suppose this is how I even arrived at contemplating “slow business”, because this is what I prefer & what works for me.

And I’m mentioning this to say: different things work for different people. And the invitation is always to find out what works for you – not what you’ve been made to believe works for you, and not what you’ve been conditioned to believe is normal for you.

And this often requires some inner digging, and quite often, some tears. Because it can be very hard to leave the safe harbour of many years of being told how things should be, and venture into the unknown territory of the truth that’s held within you and that only you are the Authority of.

It can feel scary & daunting to finally take ownership of how your life unfolds, and to have the directions of that unfolding flow from within you. It requires massive courage.

However, the results of living into your truth can be very, very sweet.

On “slow business”. It is quite outrageous to even think of running a business slowly. Because all we know, and all we’ve been taught is how to run our businesses very fast, and to have the money show up & grow as soon as yesterday. The teaching has been that: to move slowly or grow slower is failure. Even in the spiritual/ conscious space, we want to constantly quantum leap into the next bigger income level, and arrive there very quickly. And in the more 3D world, we want bigger & bigger profits every year.

How much is enough? This is something I’ve had to contemplate. Even in how much work I’m able to get done in a day.

And, not in a way to limit ourselves, because abundance is infinite. But to arrive at our own wisdom around what these things mean for us, as opposed to what we’ve been taught they mean & should look like.

And also for us to grow into these new levels of growth in ways that are gentle & nourishing for our nervous systems, and that honour our capacity at any given moment of expansion; an expansion that is grounded, and that is sustainable & restorative for all areas of your life.

[Please PAUSE. Breathe. And take a moment to just take all of that in.]


How much is enough work done in a day, for me to feel satisfied & fulfilled with my levels of output (read: creativity)?

And, only you know the answer to these questions.

And, how much of this can you begin to lean into & live into, where there’s freedom to do so?

And possibly also of value to ask is: how much is my capacity in this matter? How much can I hold right now? How much can I steward right now? And, if we’re desiring growth, how can I possibly expand my capacity so that I can hold more & steward more?


For me, it’s been very interesting to see that: the more I’ve slowed down, the more I’ve been able to create. And, the more I’ve slowed down, the greater the quality of work I’ve been able to put out there, and in the ways that I define “quality”.

And, of course, this depends on your own values. Do you possibly value quantity over quality? Or might it be the opposite? For me, it’s always been quality over quantity, although it’s required a lot of courage to lean into & live into that.

And it’s also been very interesting to see that; the more I’ve slowed down, the more money I’ve made in my business. Is it just a coincidence or might it be that the point at which I decided to slow down was exactly when my business was naturally starting to pick up and more people knowing about my work? We don’t know. And I’m still in the deep experiment of it all.

But, I’ve never felt more relaxed, and calm, and deeply grounded in my life and in my mission in this world. I’ve never felt happier; happier to share this work with all those who are ready to receive it, and exactly in the manner & textures & volumes it wants to flow through me.

It’s crazy to think I used to live my life in any other way. Especially the super sonic fast speed, where it was very hard to hear myself and my body.

But, things are better now.

It’s all a healing really. For me, this comes after many years of healing, which all started in 2014 (9 years ago, just for context). And we couldn’t have known I needed to heal this specific thing, or that this was part of what I needed all along.

The beauty of healing work is that, it will have its own unintended by-products.

Things that will surprise you.

Bonuses of the work that you didn’t even know you needed.

There are things you might not even know you need or that you need to heal, spaces & places in your life you might not know need to feel soothed and made to feel better.

But these will begin to emerge & sprout around your life the more you commit to your inner healing work & the more you keep up with it. Our lives can get better, in a very deep and sustainable manner. And our lives can feel good.

And, the changes we manifest in our lives can also be changes that transform the world. Because, as you heal, you also heal the world.

And, I know that: the more we engage in our own individual inner inquiry around what our organic pace in the world might be, around how we want to create our businesses – the pace at which we want to be creating these businesses, the pace at which we want to work (where there’s freedom to do this), the more we allow for the emergence of the New Earth we’ve been saying we want.

The New Earth will be born through us. By us dreaming into & living into new ways of being in this world. By us being courageous enough to re-imagine & live into what feels most organic for us, as individuals. This is how we get to create the New Earth.

The old systems of being & doing life in the world will begin to fall apart when we allow ourselves to create the new, as guided by our hearts & our bodies.

Your heart knows. And your body knows the way to the New Earth.

We only need to do the inner healing work to dissolve that which stands in the way of these new pathways of being, and some courage to lean into the sacred invitations that will emerge.

On Organic Pacing, Your Womb & Feminine Leadership

This matter of our organic pace in the world is actually one of my favourite things to teach on and also hold space for my clients to work on and move through in their own lives. I consider this a deep healing that we all need in our lives, because many of us have rarely gotten the opportunity to figure out for themselves how they want to move in the world.

And, given that the conditioning around “ceaseless productivity & activity” is a conditioning of our patriarchal world and systems, the work of arriving at your own organic pace is a deep work of healing that’s largely facilitated and supported by the Divine Feminine. It is a work that will facilitate the awakening of Divine Feminine wisdo within you, and that will awaken this radical wisdom across all of your life and all that you engage in.

This work is Womb Medicine work, because the first place we’re going to commune with and ask all these questions is your body and your womb. That’s where some of the big keys around how you’re to organically create your life are held. And that’s the wisdom we want to work with.

I’ve always been moved by my clients who are willing to venture into these spaces, and to witness the radical shifts they are then able to make in their lives, and especially in how they work, lead and build their businesses.

It is such a deep healing for our humanity, and for the world.

This is a huge part of how we as women will get to change the world. The seeds of that change are already held deeply within our bodies and our wombs. And, it is a thing of a very sacred mission for us to say “yes” to this work and awaken this healing and wisdom for the world.

Should you feel called to this work, please see details below for how you can work with me.

With gratitude in my heart,

A recap on the journaling prompts that can help you journey more deeply with this:

  • What does it look like when I allow myself to live my life at my own pace?
  • What does it look like when I allow myself to create & build my business at my own pace?
  • How much is enough, in terms of how much work I get done in a day?
  • How much is enough work done in a day, for me to feel satisfied & fulfilled with my levels of output/ creativity?
  • How much does enough feel like for me?
  • How much does enough look like for me?
  • And, how much of this can I begin to lean into & live into, where there’s freedom to do so?
  • And possibly also of value to ask is: how much is my capacity (in whatever matter you’re considering)? How much can I hold right now? How much can I steward right now? And (if you’re desiring growth) how can I possibly expand my capacity so that I can hold more & steward more?

The ways in which I can support you in your healing journey:

    1. You may book a once-off healing session with me, to get you started.

2. You can apply for my private healing program, to work with me for 3-months or 6-months. You get to choose what might work better for you.

And, when the time feels right for you, it would be such a joy & an honour for me to support on your healing path.