A Gentle Guide to reflecting on the monthly seasons of your life

It’s the end of another month, and I spent the past weekend reflecting on this ending month of November, by specifically identifying what I’m grateful for from this past month and also bringing to light all that which I celebrate from the month.

And while working of my own gratitude list, I felt called to invite you into this exercise as well, for your own life and its unfolding.

This is a very short exercise that holds the potential to bring into greater perspective the experiences of your life, from month to month; to tap into your own inner wisdom regarding what might be missing from in life and the next steps that need to be taken in response to those gaps; and, to activate your womb medicine (whether as a man or a woman) in creating that which needs to be created next for your life to grow in alignment with what you desire for the different areas of your life.

The intention I hold around this exercise is for me to do it at the end of each month, and it is something that has proved of great value over the past year or so that I’ve been practicing it in my life. I therefore highly recommend that it be something you also try to do the end of each month.

At the minimum, the exercise might need about 30 minutes of your time. Any more time than that would depend on just how deep you want to go with it. In your reflection, you may focus on your broader life, or you could identify and focus on specific areas of your life that you want to reflect on. At most times, I just focus on my broader and highlight what comes up from whatever area of my life it might be coming from. And in some instances, I have had a specific list for my work/career, and another list for my broader life which often includes family life, money, intimacy/ romantic relationships, leisure etc.

Please prepare some quiet time for yourself. And with a pen & some paper in hand, please reflect on the questions below:

1. What am I (you) grateful for from this past month?

Please list at least 3 things you’re grateful for. You can go beyond 3 if there is more.

And please write out this gratitude list in this format: I am grateful for ___X___ because ___Y___.

For example: Although it wasn’t planned, I’m deeply grateful for the rest I got this month of November because it allowed me the space & time I deeply needed to take in (in a very significant manner) the changes that have been happening in my life and to make sense of what my next steps need to be.

2. If not covered by point 1 above: What do I celebrate from this past month?

Here too, please list at least 3 things that you celebrate from the past month. And, you can go beyond 3 if there is more.

And, here too, please write these out the celebrations in this format: I celebrate ___X___ because ___Y___.

For example: I deeply celebrate the money I have in my life/ the growth I’ve built around money because it allowed me the freedom to take a 1-month break from work to find my bearings again. It’s a small start, but something I’m deeply grateful for. Thank you.

Highlighting your celebrations in this way & steeping yourself into a state of gratitude will help in allowing you to see what is going well/ right in your life, and pave way for a very beautiful inner wiring that will allow you to continue making forward movements towards the life of your dreams. Essentially, the two steps above will bring the unfolding of your previous month into greater perspective and will leave you feeling really good about yourself, and more inspired to take action towards the life of your dreams.

And, in the next few days, once you’ve had a moment to integrate these celebrations, and once we’ve stepped into the new month; if it feels aligned for you, I invite you to reflect on this final piece of this exercise:

3. What are my intentions for this new month?

  • Where would I like to invest my energy?
  • What would l like to do?
  • What would I like to create?
  • How would I like to feel?
  • Who would I like to be?

I invite you to deeply feel into what needs to be birthed into your life; what might still need to be tended to in your life; and what needs to be completed.

You could also tie this in with any wisdom you might’ve received during your most recent Inner Autumn, around what needs attention in your life, and any revelations you might’ve received during your most recent Inner Winter about the next steps to take.

And, if the above sounds unfamiliar to you, I invite you to check out a mini podcast series I did on the Inner Seasons of your Woman Body, where we explore the inner infrastructure of each season, the challenges you might face in each season, and the invitations you might feel called into in each season.

Explore & listen to the podcast mini-series at this link.

I wish you a deeply meaningful & illuminating experience as you step into this exercise.

Sending you all my love,