How to Activate the Medicine of your Womb

I’ve recently completed a 1-year long healing journey with a client within my private healing program, and I’ve found myself deeply contemplating the work we did and who we both became through the process.

Since I’ve started offering this work, something that’s emerged very strongly is that; as I hold space for others to move through their inner healing work, the work also works on me.

And, as this particular client moved through major shifts and quite profound transformations in her life, in her work, and in her leadership, I too feel to have been deeply initiated by this work. In the 12-months journey, we got to do quite significant work around awakening the wisdom of her womb and activating the medicine held within her womb such that it may begin to flow through her body and into her life, and guide how she moves and shows up in her broader life, in her business and in her leadership.

And there’s been no escaping for me too, of the invitations and the medicine of this work! Because, as much as I might serve as a teacher and space-holder of this work, I’m also very much a devoted student of the work too.

And (I suppose), because she and I did a lot of work around activating and anchoring into her life the medicine of her womb, this is the work I too have recently felt deeply called to.

And this is the work I’m going to be sharing with you in this article – inviting you into the very radical & revolutionary work of activating your own inner womb medicine, while also sharing some of my own personal experiences with the work and part of how this has looked like in my life.

Your womb speaks the language of emotions. This is the wisdom of the Sacral. She speaks in terms of “I feel…” and “I want to feel…”

And therefore, a significant initial work in awakening and activating the wisdom and medicine of your womb is to intentionally journey with your emotions and learn to channel the vast power held within those emotions.

And so, we’re going to be working quite specifically with the invocations of “I feel…” and “I want to feel…”

I must admit that; I honestly used to take very lightly this intentional exercise of asking how we would like to feel in our lives. And a big layer within that too, was that I didn’t trust I’d know how I wanted to feel.

Because, honestly, where in the world do we get asked how we’d like to feel?

And so, this is a language/ proficiency that very few of us have had the opportunity to develop as we’re growing up. And this deep disconnection from the intelligence of our emotions and the Sacral leads to us not quite trusting this language or our capacity to effectively navigate this space, in ways that actually serve our lives and the life our collective human race.

But thankfully, this is something we can awaken in our lives (no matter your age when you come across this wisdom) and something you can then continue to develop over time.

Because your womb speaks the language of “I feel…”, the minute you ask yourself “How would I like to feel?”, it’s as though all the antennae within your Sacral begin to light up and awaken from their great slumber and begin stand at the ready for the sweet melody that is to follow.

The words “I feel…” serve as an invocation awakens and activates the Sacral powers held within your body and that might’ve been suppressed by years of conditioning that mostly prioritizes thinking (over feeling) and often shames the feeling of those emotions.

This shaming for the feeling and expression of our emotions has over time had the effect of shutting down our Sacrals and wombs and quietening the wisdom and medicine held within these sacred spaces.

And so, part of our sacred mission as women is to do the often-unglamorous work of awakening to this knowledge and doing the inner healing work that will allow us to clear the inner debris that might be standing between us and our wombs, begin to feel our emotions (to whatever degree that’s within our window of tolerance) and step into the sacred journey of being in relationship within our bodies and awakening the wisdom held within our wombs.

And this healing work is part of what sit at the core of what I offer as a Womb Medicine & Womb Healing practitioner.

A more personal experience:

(I suppose) since my work with the aforementioned client had a very strong theme of Womb Medicine Activations – a work that in part required that she begin to courageously prioritize her values as informed by the wisdom flowing from her womb; I too have felt radically initiated and invited into prioritizing especially the values I hold around my personal life & work and which have been informed by the wisdom of my womb.

And, because in the container of the private healing program, I’ll work very closely with you to anchor these values into your very life and how you do work, I’ve found myself also having to be very meticulous in guiding myself to anchor these values into my life and leadership.

And these are values as informed and guided by the invocation of “I want to feel…” and that’s in alignment with the wisdom and medicine of our wombs.

While I’ve previously been working at such a super-sonic speed, and without much room to anchor some of these values into my work, I’ve recently had to greatly slowdown in my life and work (as I would with you in a healing container) and do the work of saying yes to & also anchoring in and prioritizing how I know I want to FEEL as I do my work.

And this has definitely not been an easy process – it rarely is easy for any of us, because doing life in this way (of allowing yourself to be guided by the wisdom of your womb) goes against a lot of what we’ve been taught about life and about how to attain “success” in this world. This is not something we got taught.

For me personally, it hasn’t been easy because one of the values I’ve needed to prioritize in my work is that of “slow movement”. And, as far as I can remember; from a very young age, I’ve known that this is how I’d like to live my life – slowly. And leaning into this slow way of living and of doing work has especially been challenging because in our world, we’re mostly taught to move very fast and without stopping, and that this is the only way in which we can attain the “success” in the world.

There’s a lot of conditioning to be found around this in our upbringing and socialization.

And while the conditioning in deep, and while this new invitation I’ve received goes against almost everything I’ve been taught, I’ve found myself not being able to ignore the invitation. For the work has done its work, and it is time to heed the wisdom of the womb.

The time has come for us to integrate into our lives the wisdom of our wombs and bring together in a beautiful union the works of our magnificent minds AND that of our very wise bodies.

Will you heed this call for your own life, and in your path leadership?

And as a next step for your life:

I’d like to invite you in this contemplation:

  • How would you like to feel in your life?

This is how you begin to tap into your womb wisdom & awaken the medicine of your womb.

  • How do you want to feel, and how can you begin to incorporate this into your life?

And please find below a more detailed guide of how to do this for your life.

In a quiet corner, and with a pen & some paper in hand, please reflect on the questions below:

  • How would I (you) like to feel in my life (generally)?
  • How would I like to feel in my work – as I’m engaged in my work and as I’m doing the work?
  • How would I like to feel while in my workspace?

Please be as detailed as you possibly can be. And you can also extend these prompts to other area or your life such as your experience with money, your experience in intimate relationships, the journey of your Soul on this Earth etc.

Reflect on these desired felt-states (list all of them down) and then ask yourself:

  • How can you begin to give these desired felt states to myself?
  • How can I give this to myself right now?
  • How can I create this experience for myself right now?
  • What activities could I incorporate into my day-to-day life to ensure that I have this experience?

Go through them one-by-one and ask how you can bring each one of them to life in your life. For example:

If you want to feel calm, the follow-up question to ask is: what can I incorporate into my day-to-day life to make me feel calm?

If you want to feel respected; in what ways could I show respect to myself? What can I do in my day-to-day life to show myself some respect?

If you want to feel supported; what I incorporate into my day-to-day life to make me feel supported? What new decisions could I make to allow this into my life?

Please go through each one of your desired felt-stated, and follow them up with these prompts:

  • How can I begin to give this desired felt state to myself?
  • How can I give this to myself right now?
  • How can I create this experience for myself right now?
  • What activities could I incorporate into my day-to-day life to ensure that I have this experience?

And once you’ve completed this part of the exercise, please allow this to be the complete work for now. You may now step away from this process for a while and allow the work to do its work in your life. In the coming few days and weeks, begin to look out for what might come up in your life and the invitations that might emerge, prompting you towards these desired felt states and values as informed by your womb wisdom.

And should you need space to reflect on what’s come up for you in this process, please know that I’d be very happy to read from you, either on the DM or via email.

Always in your corner,


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